Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waseca Triathlon Preview

I decided to do it after all, with one minor change. Yes, I'm back on for the Waseca Triathlon this coming Sunday (8/2). I had initially entered to do the 1/3 IM distance, but as I'm still working through a nagging Achilles tendinosis issue there was no way I was going to make it through a 9-mile run.

Instead, I am switching to the sprint event. This will be a 0.26 mile swim, a 13.8 mile bike and a 4.4 mile run. So why even bother doing it at all with my targeted big event...the Detroit Lakes triathlon....following two weeks later on 8/15? Three reasons.

One - I have been having mental issues with the swim as my last two events can attest to. Therefore I need to get into an open water swim and make sure I am mentally ready for Detroit Lakes. I'm not going to wear the constrictive speed suit or wet suit. Just swim trunks. I'm 100% certain I'll be fine.

Two - One gets faster on the bike by having speed workouts. No matter how many time-trial workouts I schedule, nothing equals race day conditions. I'll be using this as a bike speed session.

Three - Yeah, the Achilles is getting better all the time. But it still barks at me now and then. But, the speed is coming back. Mentally, I need to test my pace to see if I can go sub-7 min/mile for at least one of the miles. I do not intend to race the whole four miles. This will be a speed workout to get me ready for Detroit Lakes

The Swim

The Bike

What I like, the bike course is very flat. Or least, that is what race director Bill Nevala posted to Flickr over the weekend.

The Run

Right now, there looks to be about fifty males entered into the sprint event. Slots are still available so if you are looking for a last minute event, jump in!

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