Friday, July 3, 2009

MinneMan Triathlon Preview

I'll be celebrating July 4 by getting up shortly after 4 am and heading a little north of the Twin Cities to participate in the MinneMan Triathlon. This will be my first time at this event and it comes a mere six days after my DNF at Lake Waconia. The only way I will be leaving the water this time around is, well, I don't see a scenario playing out in which I leave the water this time.

Start is at 7:30 am at Lake George Regional Park in Oak Grove, MN. It is a 0.3 Mile swim, a 13 Mile Bike, and a 3 Mile Run. The race is capped at 450 participants and it is full, so a big event. I'm sure I'll be amazed at all the people wearing wet-suits for a sprint event. I shy away from wearing a wet-suit unless the water temperature is in the 60's or it's a swim or longer than 1000-yards. Otherwise, I think you are just losing time in T1.

If you happen to be around, here is the wave information. The swim waves, which will be sent off in 3 minute intervals will be as follows:

o Wave 1: Elite Men & Women Royal Blue Caps
o Wave 2: Males 13 - 39 Yellow Caps
o Wave 3: Males 40 – 49 Silver Caps
o Wave 4: Females 13 - 34 Pink Caps
o Wave 5: Females 35 - 44 Day Glo Orange Caps
o Wave 6: Males 50+ Light Blue Caps
o Wave 7: Females 45+ Red Caps
o Wave 8: Clydesdale / Athenas White Caps
o Wave 9: ALL Novice Males Orange Caps
o Wave 10: ALL Novice Females Day Glo Green Caps

So I will be looking to pass some yellow caps and hopefully not be passed by pink or orange caps! I'd hate to be in the second wave. That will be a lot of bodies heading out at the same time.

One thing I think I will like is that the bikes will be racked by division. So I hope to see a lot of bikes still racked when I get out and hardly any racked when I get back from the bike.

At last count, there will be twenty-seven people in my age group. By far the deepest AG of the season for me. I'll have no set goals for this. In fact, I count at least seven people who should finish ahead of me in the coveted 45-49 age group. So if I have a goal, it will be to crack the top seven in that age group.

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