Monday, December 24, 2012

The Preseason Cometh

Another winter comes
His icy fingers creep
Into these bones of mine
These memories never sleep

Ghost Story - Sting

After a a lost race season in 2012 due to a tibial stress fracture, I seem to be firmly on the mend. However, no one should expect me to be immediately back on the podium. No one should expect me to be toeing the start line. No one should be expecting much of anything other than seeing my friendly face at upcoming events.

I went into 2012 really gunning to achieve some fairly lofty goals. Sub 18-minute 5K, sub 1:22 half-marathon, sub 37:30 10K, USAT honorable mention in triathlon. All whisked away like a dream.

Instead, I will be using the first three months of 2013 just to continue a very slow ramp up to being strong in 2014. In other words, 2013 will be used to get back into race shape. Carefully. Let me underline that word: carefully.

During these first three months, there won't be any running weeks of 70 miles. No bike weeks of 160 miles. No swim weeks of 12000 yards. Nope. Be more like I'm doing now. Running about 15 miles a week, biking 70 miles, and swimming 6000 yards. Cautious. Careful. Baby steps.

Here are the races I plan to run during the first three months of 2013:

Race Date City
Resolution Solution 5K 1-Jan White Bear
Yukon Days 1 Mile 19-Jan White Bear
Hamel 5K 2-Feb Hamel
Becker Community Center Chase a Leprechaun 5K Fun Run/Walk 9-Mar Becker
St. Patrick's Day 5K 16-Mar Fargo

I have a goal of just getting under 20-minutes in the 5K before April. With my low mileage, I think that will be a stretch. On the other hand, I am running those few miles each week very hard. Typically on the treadmill with built in intervals. For example, for one 5K treadmill workout I started out at 7:40 pace and increased my speed incrementally after each 1K. With 1K to go, I pushed it along at 6:20 pace. I've been reading more and more about top runners and triathletes running less miles, but making those miles high quality with built in rest days. So far, I like it. We'll see how this approach translates to race results.

The low training hours has also helped another aspect. After being out of racing for almost a full year, I have to say I simply have zero fire in the belly. I could care less about results. I simply want to be back competing. I suppose I should say 'participating'. I have zero desire to get up early just to get in a workout. Don't care. Not one iota. Perhaps after a slow ramp-up in 2013 I get back to serious competition in 2014. Maybe. Maybe not. Really, I just want to get through 2013 injury free and happy to see all your smiling faces again.

So, have a great holiday period as we end 2012. My "Annus Horribilis" And be smart about your training. Can't wait to see you all again. Hello 2013.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Product Review: Withings WiFi Scale

The Withings WiFi Scale is a scale that measures your body weight and body fat %, and then wirelessly transmits it via standard WiFi to a website that allows you to track and record your weight.  But more importantly than than their website, it transmits data to a massive ecosystem of health, training and sports websites and software.  Including popular applications like Training Peaks, Sport Tracks, Facebook and Twitter.

On the upper right navigation area of this blog, you will now see a widget specific to my weight, BMI, lean mass and fat percentage. Not that I want everyone to know how fat I currently am, but I am using it as incentive to drop the weight before the heart of the 2013 racing season begins. My goal is to get under 139 lbs. 

I would post a very in-depth review of the scale, but DC Rainmaker has already done just that. So, for that detailed review, go hereI bought the scale after reading his super review on it. I then purchased it at Clever Training using 10% off of everything in your cart by adding code DCRSAVE10 at checkout

I had the scale operating within 15-minutes and posting to the web site. This included unpacking it. So, trust is super easy. After set-up, you can add up to eight separate users. Each member of the family can have their own account, but all are accessible from the main web site. What is nifty, is that the scale will recognize the user just by stepping on it (for the first time, it will initiate recognition determined by the weight you entered when setting up the individual account).

Set-up, as I said is easy. Just have to connect it to your computer via USB cord JUST for the initial set-up, then it is WiFi enabled. 

Set-up is an easy step-by-step process

Just have to connect it via USB for the initial set-up only
To learn even more, view the video below:

So far, I am enjoying the scale quite a lot. I like the simple, intuitive set-up. I like the easy social interfacing across multiple fronts. The only social site I have come across that does not currently link to it is Beginner Triathlete and they indicated to me the sale interface would not be added unless more people requested it. Of course, that is the triathlon training site I have selected. Maybe I switch to Training Peaks instead!?!?

Have fun with it. I know I will.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Podium Boy Has Great Swim Meet

Podium Boy had one of those swim meets where he caught up to the growth spurts and muscle development that every 12 year old goes through, and just put the new engine all together. It was a meet where at the end his Fat Old Dad threw both arms in the air and let out a blood curdling war whoop that had all the adults in attendance looking. It was two days of beauty. 

The haul for seven events included seven best times, three new B-Times, and a cornucopia of ribbons

  1. 100 Free: 1:12.11 (dropped 1.05 secs) ; 9th overall
  2. 50 Back: 37.70 (dropped 3.37 secs); 2nd in C group
  3. 50 Fly: 35.87 (dropped 1.89 secs); won heat and 8th overall
  4. 200 Free: 2:39.73 (dropped 14.50 secs); 2nd in C group
  5. 50 Free: 31.44 (dropped 1.37 secs); 10th overall
  6. 100 Fly: 1:21.18 (dropped 2.23 secs); 3rd overall
  7. 500 Free: 6:58.34 (dropped 42.93 secs); won heat, lapping some kids, and took home the C Overall win

The Post Meet Haul
The two events that stood out for me were the 50-Back and 500 Free. Dropping over three seconds in any 50-event is statistically significant. So, something 'clicked' there.

The 500 was dramatic as our goal going in was 7:17. With about 150-yards left, I thought he had a chance to go under 7 but needed to pick it up slightly. The coach read my mind and had the person counting laps for Podium Boy shake the lap counter to indicate he needed to pick it up. And he did. His fastest lap was the opening with a 36.34. His second fastest lap was the closing, in 39 seconds. Freaking awesome. I wish I would have recorded it, but I was too busy recording his splits against the goals set. But it will live on in memory.

And let's face it, how many of you adult TriGeek age groupers out there would kill for a sub-7 minute 500? Count me among you.

He now has two swim meets in January, one in February and then C-Finals at the end of February followed by A/B finals the next week. The question now: Will he actually having anything to race for in C-finals, or will he have B Times in all his events? 

Currently he has B -times in:

  1. 50 Free
  2. 100 Free
  3. 200 Free
  4. 500 Free
  5. 50 Back
  6. 50 Fly
  7. 100 Fly
He has C-times in:
  1. 100 Back
  2. 200 Fly
I think he could yet get his B-times on those two events. And we will be adding the 200 Back and 100 IM to the upcoming meets to see if he can get his C times there. We've avoid the IM's in the past because this child cannot breaststroke to save his life. But, that has been improving.

I can't wait for the next growth spurt. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Revisting the Mizuno Wave Universe

Back in June of 2011, I decide to try the Mizuno Wave Universe 3 flats (Model Number: 410375.0010). These are extremely light shoes, weighing in at a ridiculous 3.6 ounces. There is only a 2mm heel drop with a Stack Height: Heel (18mm), Forefoot (16mm). 

I wore them in one triathlon and found they absolutely sucked for sockless wearing. The material has a fish net meshy quality to it. As result, I received seven blisters on the feet after wearing them. And I promptly forgot about them, taking them out only now and then for a quick pacing run. Wearing double socks, of course.

But I have found new use for them. That is as a treadmill shoe. On a treadmill, these are the bomb (do kids still say that?). They are a perfect show for those semi-intense to full-out-insanity treadmill efforts where a clunky 10 ounce shoe would just be a distraction. 

The 3-series has gone the way of the Dodo, but you can get the 4-Series shoe, slightly heavier at 3.9 ounces but you won't even feel them on your feet. Slightly greater drop, coming in a 4mm rather than the 2mm found in the 3-Series. Running Warehouse lists it at $120. Road Runner lists it at $125, but if you are part of the VIP program the shoe can be yours for $112.46. 

If you decide to try the shoe, I recommend to go up 1/2 size (US) from your current training. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Deals

If you are still looking for deals on Monday, the I suggest reviewing the following:

FrontRunner Events: This local race organizer has 1/2 price on all their 2013 events.  You can sign up for them online or print out an entry form off the website. Online registration will close at Midnight on Monday.  The printable entry form must be postmarked on or before Tuesday, November 27. You cannot beat 1/2 price for a running, du, or tri. Like stealing. 

Graniteman Tri Series: Save 15% off these three local Minnesota triathlons. Use code BLACKFRIDAY15. Please note the sale might have already ended. 

Garmin Forerunner 310XT – $211US: This is pretty much a steal.  It normally hovers in the $260ish range, but dropped down this week led by Amazon.  The core difference between it and the FR910XT is the lack of indoor pool metrics, and TSS/NP/IF power meter metrics (though both support power meters just fine.  If you’re just getting into the sport – solid deal. 

Garmin Forerunner 610 (with HR strap) – $299US: This is $100 off the norm, so a great deal for my favorite running-specific more advanced watch. 

Garmin Forerunner 410 – $175US (w/o strap) & $205US (with HR strap): I’m admittedly not a big fan of either of these two units due to the touch bezel.  But the deal is out there.  Beyond the touch bezel, they’re fine GPS running watches.  

Timex Global Trainer for $110: This is a sweet price for this unit.  With the foot pod firmware update last summer, it’s probably the best deal out there for a budget triathlon watch.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Audioboo Sunday Supplement 25th November 2012‏

A travel authority recently made light of the weather here in the Tundra as I listened in on BBC Wales. Even though I do hate the weather at this time of year, I still had to defend my turf! Give a listen.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Race Result: 2012 USATF Minnesota Association Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships

Event: 2012  USATF Minnesota Association Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships
Date: Saturday November 10, 2012
Location: Valleywood Golf Course in Apple Valley, MN
Hotel: Home, sweet home
Weather: 48F, overcast, winds at 10-12 from SSE
Official Results: All Results; Midget Boys Results

Podium Boy Personal Results

Goal: sub-6:20 per mile pace
Actual: 11:59.1 (6:26 per mile pace); note- I had him at 12:09 (6:32 per mile pace) & I think they messed up a time. But we'll take the faster time posted.
Overall: 4th overall (11 total)

Podium Boy wrapped up his 2012 running race season by participating in the USATF Minnesota Association Junior Olympic Championships. Competition was held in six age groups according to birth year.  The top 10 individuals and top team in each gender-age group qualified to register and participate in the National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships to be held at Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on December 8, 2012. Athletes were able to participate individually (unattached) or as part of a USATF registered club.

As we have switched over to concentrating on swim team practices and events, he has been running 3-4 times a week since cross country season ended. Nothing stressful. We just wanted to see if he could end up qualifying for Nationals. We have no intention of going....this year. But we all want to visit New Mexico some day so perhaps Nationals will be held there again next year. 

This had light participation. I was very surprised more kids had not signed up. So I don't know if that had to do with Nike Regionals in Sioux Falls, or that most kids were simply done running for the fall/winter season. Too bad, as this was a nice course. 

Our goal had been to run about 6:20 pace. But this was a challenging course with a couple of good hills interspersed throughout. I think that accounts for the slight difference between the final result and his goal. The weather was perfect for cross country. Slight mist, almost 50, wind not bad. Ground was slightly soggy, wet in some low lying spots. But all-in-all a great day for running.

As point of comparison, in his last 3K Cross Country meet held on October 8, he ran a 12:35. So, while every cross country meet is different so we are comparing apples to oranges, Podium Boy did shave off time over a tougher course.

You can see some of the moisture being kicked up at the start.
The golf course and dreary conditions made for nice photos.
Yes, he got chicked. Nothing to be ashamed of. These girls were solid.
Finishing up. He ran a smart race. 
The course was as viewer friendly as possible. They had a nice double loop at the start so you could see them twice within the first 1/2 mile. And a double loop finish so you could again, see them twice. I was able to motor out to several farther points along the course as well, as this video will show:

2012 USATF Minnesota Association Junior Olympic Championships - Midget Boys/Girls & Bantam Boys/Girls from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

Hey, he ended up qualifying for Nationals. That was the main goal. We can't help if there were only eleven kids so that he only had to beat one to qualify. He ran well, and finished his running season strong. We look forward to 2013.

Podium Boy & that fat old man


They did a nice job with awards. Top 10 got medals and qualified for Nationals. The local USATF body was nice and awarded medals to all 11 participants. 

Midget Division Medalists
A happy Podium Boy
The medal
What Is Next?

Well, it is damn the torpedoes on swim team from now into early March. He will continue to run lightly a couple of times per week but I'm giving him a few weeks off. 

He will continue to hone his pistol shooting and fencing skills as we prepare for a regional Modern Pentathlon to be held on May 18 in River Falls, Wisconsin. He'll be taking a local fencing course in Jan-Feb and then if he decides to march forward, a much more structured fencing course once swimming season ends. If the regional event goes well, then Nationals in Colorado Springs looms large in June.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Race Result: 2012 Lake Agassiz Pacers Trick or Treat 5K Run

Event: 2012 Lake Agassiz Pacers Trick or Treat 5K Run
Date: Saturday October 27, 2012
Location: Oak Grove Lutheran School north campus in north Fargo
Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott-Moorhead
Weather: 27F, sunny, light winds at 4 from SSW making it feel like 24F
Official Results: 2012 Overall Results; Male Age Group Results

Personal Results

Goal: none, recovering from tibial stress fracture (March 2012)
Actual: 21:26 (6:54 per mile pace)
Overall: 7th overall (108 total); 1st in 50-59 Age Group (8 total)

Podium Boy Personal Results

Goal: sub-21 minutes
Actual: 21:14 (6:50 per mile pace)
Overall: 6th overall (108 total); 1st in 14 & Under Age Group (6 total)


Elevation Map

Podium Boy's Splits

Fat Old Man's Splits
I was not expecting to get in another race in 2012 after suffering the tibial stress fracture in March while running a 10K in London. But, there are two reasons I attempted this race.

One, I needed to have a nice little race in order to become mentally strong that perhaps, perhaps, the injury is behind me and I can start training in earnest. For the last three weeks, I've run about two to three times a week. Never more than two days in a row. And I have been keeping it to two miles or less save for a couple of three+ mile runs. Twenty-four hours post race, the leg seems fine. No pain, no aches save for the usual stuff one experiences after running hard. Granted, I used four strips of K-Tape, used compression socks, and took Advil prior to the race.

Two, I was running as a rabbit for my son who had just finished up cross country season. I wanted to see what kind of 5K this 12-year old could turn in after a good couple of months of training.

rab·bit (rbt)
n. pl. rab·bits or rabbit
1. Any of various long-eared, short-tailed, burrowing mammals of the family Leporidae, as the commonly domesticated Old World species Oryctolagus cuniculus or the cottontail.
2. A hare.
3. The fur of a rabbit or hare.
4. Sports A runner who intentionally sets a fast pace for a teammate during a long-distance race.
My goal was to set a 6:40ish pace and then hang on for as long as possible to take him under the goal of sub-21 minutes. So, let's go to the race summary and see how we did.

Podium Boy is in yellow at far right
Mile One (6:44)

We lined up amongst the small group of runners. Graham and I found ourselves near the from immediately and almost as immediately I dialed us back in as we were running at 6:10 pace after the first two blocks. So, I eased us of the gas until we were eventually sitting at 6:35ish pace and then started talking to him. "Nice and easy." "Stay relaxed." "Let's pick off that person ahead." And so forth.

It was a bit nippy but the wind was very low and we found ourselves heating up after being slightly chilled at the start. We went thru the first mile comfortable.

Mile Two (6:54)

To be honest, around the 1.5 mile mark I could have left Graham behind but that was not my objective. We were working as a team so I had to urge him to stay up with me. Most of his cross country races were of the 1.5 mile variety so I was a wee bit worried about his stamina once we reached this mark. But after a slight fade he did recover well and we were able to open it up again through the remainder of mile 2. But I figured at this point that sub-21 would not be possible.

As for me, I was very surprised to see that I was still able to hang with him at this point. I have had very minimal mileage over these past three weeks. Probably in the neighborhood of 20+ total miles. So, this was doing my psyche some good to be still with him through two miles.

Mile Three (6:56)

At this point I was talking to Graham the entire time. I asked him after the race if this continual encouragement was irritating but he stated he didn't even notice. Ah, the mind of a 12-yo. After the race he stated he was having trouble breathing during the third mile. Cold air seems to aggravate the slight exercise induced asthma he has. He did use his inhaler prior to the start.

We were gaining on the person in fifth place and I used that to convey a goal for Graham. With about a 1/4 mile to go Graham was starting to fade and I slowed to get in his ear and he picked it up again.

Podium Boy running with Some Fat Old Man


I was spent with about two blocks to go. So I told him he needed to open it up and leave me if he wanted sub-21. So, leave me he did. Just missing out on sub-21.


Awards were given for top 3 in each age group. I was shocked to win the 50-59 with my pitiful time, but also pleased that we each took home first place AG medals.

AG First Place Medals

Young Man & Old Man - Same Result


Monday, October 15, 2012

Modern Pentathlon Training Update

As you all know (I think, but I'm so damn old now I think Truman is still President) Podium Boy has been doing some early investigation into the world of Modern Pentathlon. He has been doing some air pistol shooting on Sunday's at Bill's Gun Shop. This past Sunday (Oct 14) he went to the Minnesota Sword Club to get his 101 on fencing.

This was his first foray into the world of fencing. I think he found it very interesting on the one hand and very frustrating on the other. Podium Boy likes to immediately grasp something and then excel at it. And that is simply not possible with fencing. It can take someone a year just to become acclimated, let alone competitive.

But he got right into it and didn't shy back. He was aggressive, and listened well. He didn't come out of it saying, "No, hated it. Done with it. Let's move on." Rather he knows it will take some time so we'll do a few more Sunday sessions with Great Prairie Sports before we make the jump into formal fencing training.

Here is some video from our Sunday fencing and pistol practice.

Modern Pentathlon Training - Fencing & Shooting from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

GoPro HD Water Test with the Life Time Minnesota Bears Swim Team

This past Saturday, October 6 2012, I finally had the nerve to try the water-proof case with the GoPro HD Camera. I took it to the pool at the Life Time Fitness complex in Plymouth, MN where Podium Boy and his fellow swimmers train on the Life Time Minnesota Bears Swim Team under the astute tutelage Tom Frank (aka Captain America).

Coach Tom Franke - Captain America to You!

Captain America is also U.S. Paralympic Swimming team coach. So, he knows what he is doing.....not that you would be sure of that by seeing photos of himself along with his very famous, and Olympic medaled athletes.

But let's get to the GoPro results. I was able to take enough footage to whittle down to four videos. I was very pleased by the results of the clarity. I had worried that the camera might fog over, or not be quite in focus, etc. Not to worry. It did a great job on a day that was cloudy outside which equated to little light inside.

Note - Podium Boy can be seen throughout in his hot pink trunks and bright neon green cap. One thing I immediately learned when viewing him from under the water.....he over rotates his hips. This camera could be very valuable by being able to identify, and correct, those little things you can't pick up from the surface.

First up, this video was all from the pool deck. I wanted to establish each swim stroke from the surface first:

Life Time Minnesota Bears Swim Team Plymouth Location Video One from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

In the second video, I jumped in and went to work. Little jumpy at first as I figured out how I would approach it. I had some fun by swimming under some people and just got use to trying to take video without seeing anything through a lens. I wish I would have set my camera angle a bit lower, but now I know what to do after seeing the footage.

At about the 6:00 minute mark you will hear Captain America give practice instructions. As the camera is in a water-proof housing, you will need to adjust your volume:

Life Time Minnesota Bears Swim Team Plymouth Location Video Two from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

In the third video, I think the best of the bunch, I travel to the center of the pool for some side angle views:

Life Time Minnesota Swim Team Video Three from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

Fourth video is flip turns on the deep end:

Life Time Minnesota Bears Swim Team Plymouth Location Video Four from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vimeo & GoPro HD: Embed Test

This is just a simple test blog entry of embedded my videos from Vimeo. I have found Vimeo to be far superior to posting on YouTube. The quality is so much better. This video is from the September 28 2012 Mustang Invitational where I used a GoPro HD camera to film the Wayzata Boys Middle Team.

Mustang Invite Boys Middle School Cross Country Meet from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think of the video. I hope to use the GroPro in 2013 to film some of my duathlon and triathlons by mounting it on my bike. Could be neat. Or could be boring to view. We'll see. I will also be testing the GoPro HD in the pool to film Podium Boy so he and his swim coach can better talk about where he needs to make improvements with his stroke.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Race Result: 2012 Hy-Vee Iron Kids National Championship

Event: 2012 Hy-Vee Iron Kids National Championship (USAT)
Date: Saturday, September 1, 2012
Location: Des Moines, IA
Weather: 74F, overcast. humid
Official Results: Male 12 years old Overall Results
Podium Boy's Personal Results Actual: 55:00 for 300 yd swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run
Overall: 29th in 12 yo AG (51 total)

Podium Boy the morning of against the back drop of Ntls
And another summer ends. A bad one for me, as I could not race due to the tibial stress fracture. A great one for Podium Boy in doing very well in his first full season of the sport, culminating with earning a trip to Iron Kids Nationals.

Only, he had a bad race by his standards. We'll dwell on this a bit during the race post mortem, but then we are just tossing it away. Lesson learned, stiff upper lip, everyone has a bad race now and then.

Podium Boy was really having great work outs leading into the event. Since we were on vacation the week prior, he and I spent the days tapering and getting in speed. His bikes were in the upper 17 MPH range with out putting forth a race effort. He was running sub 7 minute miles in his XC meets. And he was obliterating me in the pool.

Lining up for the swim

Mentally for him, I backed off on making this a very important race for him. Instead I pitched a 'just enjoy it, learn from it, and we'll do even better next year as you'll know the course' mantra. If he was nervous, he didn't show it. We worked on the things to do in each of the five (swim, T1, bike, T2, run) elements as we have all year. I was pretty sure he was going to have his best race of the year.

Almost Go Time
So, lets get into the breakdown.

Swim - 300 yards (lake swim)

Official Time - 4:57 (water temp was 78.8 F); 18th in AG (51 total)

I can sum it up thusly: Best open water swim he has ever had. He nailed it. I wanted sub 5 minutes and he delivered. He stayed right on the buoys and did not stray too far wide. He sighted superbly. When he exited the water I thought he was really going to have a great day.

In the video link above, you will see Podium Boy turn the yellow buoy at 0:45 mark. Those who know his stroke will easily pick him up. At 1:24, you will notice a women in pink. That is 8 time Kona winner Paula Newby-Fraser who was chipping the swimmers all morning. How awesome was that!?!?

Exiting the water at Nationals

Official Time - 2:01; 32 in AG (51 total)

One of the bad things about this event was lack of viewing space for the parents. Granted there were over 1000 athletes so well over 2000 parents watching. For safety sake, they really restricted where you could go. Basically we saw the swim...then nothing as we could not view in transition because of the layout....then watch them leave on the bike and wait for them to return and head into T2 then wait for them to finish.

So, I have no clue how well he did in T1. His time suggest he may have struggled with shoes or helmet or even finding his bike in the sea of bikes. His transitions are better than mine so I have no worries here.

Bike - 8 miles
Official Time - 31:24; 36th in AG (51 total); a butt ugly 15.3 MPH average
From what I can gather, the course was fairly flat. It was a bit windy and they had the wind at their backs going out and then into it on the return. Podium Boy raced at 17.3 MPH in his previous event the week before. And was easily approaching an avg of 18 MPH in the week leading up. He was even starting to make me work on the bike! So what the hell happened? I think two things.

One, he witnessed a crash about half-way out. I believe it is the same spot as a leading contender for AG Elite Nationals crashed at the very next day. I think this shook him up a bit having not witnessed a person taking a hard crash on the bike before.

Two, this was not some back-yard event where wannabes were amongst the top dogs. This was a field of very good athletes. Based on some conversation, he could not believe the speed of some of the bikers. And after getting passed and passed and passed had his mental game affected.

Going in, I had been thinking he should go under 28 minutes pretty easily, so when the watch showed 30 minutes expired on the bike I was just hoping he had not crashed or had a flat. But he did come in eventually.


Official Time - 1:02; 23rd in AG (51 total)

Again, have no idea as I could not see him in T2 or exiting to the run.

Run - 2 miles
Official Time - 15:39- 7:49 per mile pace; 27th in AG (51 total)

This from a kid who ran 13:20 for 2-miles the week before. Yes, each course is different and one can be short or long but he has been running consistently in the 6:40-:45pace per mile range all summer. I learned afterwards that he had developed a bad side stitch on the right side and he was unable to work it out. He has had a history of these and I thought we had worked it out by doing side stretches and a set of fast striders prior to each race. Or maybe he knew he was slow off the bike and worked himself into a lather and stressed himself out. We'll never know. In the video below, I could already tell he was way off pace when I saw him approach.

Watch him bust his next XC race.

The Finish

It is so cool how they treat Iron Kids just like the adults. They really do the finish in style and it is certainly something the kids will remember. In the video below, you will see him holding his right side as he crosses the line. So I know the side ache was real.

I was able to greet him afterwards. He was already sort of near tears but kept it in check. I asked about the race, learned about the side ache and we just left it there. I'm not the kind of Dad who will gush about a great performance if the performance was not what he and I had talked about, trained at, and hoped for. I don't believe in the whole concept of an award for just showing up and that "no one is a loser". That is not real life. So, if I seem harsh, it is because I'm doing my job to set him up for the cold hard reality of the dog-eat-dog world he will face once he is on his own.

He and I had a great summer training together. Yeah, I had to bike with him when he ran but it was a great Dad-son and Coach-Athlete relationship. He learned a lot and he made significant strides. I know he listened because of his results and how he conducted himself.

What's next for Podium Boy? A full season of boys cross country (Wayzata team) followed by a winter of swim team (Lifetime Bears). During Christmas break, I'll be setting up his bike on the trainer and start him on a indoor cycling program to get ready for some early spring events such as a du or two. I'm pretty sure I will be throwing him into a few, small, big boy races next year which will also help him in his Iron Kids events.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Race Result: 2012 Kiwanis Kids Triathlon

Event: 2012 Kiwanis Kids Triathlon (non USAT)
Date: Saturday, August 25, 2012
Location: Whipple Beach Park, in Baxter, MN
Weather: 74F, overcast with showers
Official Results: Overall Results

Podium Boy's Personal Results Actual: 30:18
Overall: 1st in 12 yo AG (12 total)

He is nicknamed Podium Boy for a Reason
We used this event as a warm-up for IronKids Nationals in Des Moines on September 1. Our other choice would have been a 10-hour RT round trip to Madison. Since this was a 4-hour RT road trip, I think we made the right choice.

The race venue is fab. This is also the site of an adult event the following day and we may have to consider a family double in 2013. The lake and beach are superb. The kids race was fairly flat, although I cannot speak for what the adult course might hold.

We knew going in the swim would be a 'joke' in that it is a 50-yard parallel to the shore splash and dash. So we placed zero consideration in that element other than come out alive as it was a true running-swimming-washing-machine comedy.

Swam was from buoy to buoy and back. Yep, I know.

The Course Map
The weather was a bit humid. It also misted, then had showers, then it poured right at the end. But compared to weather in January, it was beautiful.

We got our race packet and set up in transition where PB practiced his T1 and T2 as it had been a few weeks since our last event at Iron Kids Rochester.

Shout out to Tim Carroll with the Aggies shirt!

Swim - 50 yards (lake swim)

Official Time - 1:39 (water plus approx 75-yard run up the beach)); 5th in AG (12 total)

I'll just let the video speak for itself. PB is in neon green swim cap. (PS - Why do women always yell "wooooo-wooooo"? Can they think of perhaps adding encouragement or advice?)


Unofficial Time - 1:00

We discussed setting up by bike exit or by run exit. PB felt he wanted to be by run exit. So that's what we did. No issues here. Zip laces certainly was the big, and welcome, change from our previous tri's this summer.

Bike - 4 miles
Official Time - 13:51; 6th in AG (12 total)

This seemed to be a nice course. PB stated it was full of false flats and that he seemed to be climbing all the time. Me thinks he was just being whiny. He said his tummy was upset on the bike so we will need to review nutrition plan. I think he is suffering from mild sinus issues and we'll pop him a Sudafed before the next race to alleviate sinus drainage.


Unofficial Time - 0:29

Have said it before and say it again: PB transitions better than I do. Man, he is quick.

Run - 2 miles
Official Time - 13:20 - 6:40 per mile pace; 1st in AG (12 total)

I figure he came out of T2 about a minute down and a couple of other 12-yo's so he had work to do. But remember PB is running XC and his run is his strong element right now behind swim (on swim team) and bike.

This was a 2-lap 1mile run course. So I got to see him come around. He was closing the gap on the leading 12-yo males. I told him who to catch (as you'll hear in the videos). As he neared the finish, one 12-yo male was hanging right on his shoulder. PB and I had been discussing this very tactic as part of his XC training. So he knew what to do, which was to explode a 100-yards from the finish in order to not allow the hanger-on the opportunity to sprint by. Worked like a charm.


This was PB's first AG victory of the season, coming after 3 consecutive third place finishes. It felt sweet for him. For me, I guess I was so excited I didn't even notice I had the iPad turned the wrong way as I taped him getting his award. Dad = dork.

Up Next

Aug 28, 2012 - St. Cloud Early Bird Cross Country Meet
September 1, 2012 - Hy-Vee IronKids National Championship - Des Moines

Monday, August 6, 2012

Looking Ahead to 2013

As I haven't posted as of late (other than Podium Boy's results), I figured I would give a quick update on the tibial stress fracture and also share my initial thoughts for the 2013 racing season.

I'm a little over four months removed from the severe injury suffered (OK, worsened), during my 10K race in London on April 1. Much of the pain has subsided to the point that it almost feels akin to having a ligament pull...if that makes sense. The tibia no longer has the severe pain that caused me to walk with a limp and favor one leg. I can walk normally, it just feels 'tight'. I have tried jogging a few yards, and can feel some slight nagging pain that indicates it is not 100% healed. But progress has been made.

I've been walking the dogs at least 3-4 times a week. The tibia is a little sore the day after, so I allow it to rest. Super Mario Minelli will be pleased to know I am wearing the Vibrams. I figure this will help to strengthen the feet and maybe that will also strengthen the muscles around the tibia. At this rate, I am hoping that I can slowly start to run around September 1.

So, I have already begun to think ahead to 2013. I'll be coming off a major injury. And I'm not about to repeat that. It will take some time to work back into shape in order to once again visit the 50-54 podium as I have frequently done the last several years. So, 2013 will be low key. I am going to try to keep to unusual, untested (not competed in before) races as well for a change of pace. Focus will be more on running events over multi-sport events so that I can start to build up my speed. For now, I am leaving the calendar with some open dates so I can jump into a race on short notice or rest and recover as required. So, for the time being, the 2013 calendar may look like this:

  • Feb 2 - Hamel 5K - Hamel, MN
  • Feb 16 - Sweetheart Run 5K or 10K - Mahtomedi, MN
  • Mar 9 - Becker Community Center Chase a Leprechaun 5K Fun Run/Walk
  • Mar 16 - St. Patrick's Day 5K (Fargo)
  • May 4 - Chain of Lakes Triathlon (Alexandria)
  • May 11 - Central Lakes Duathlon (Fergus Falls)
  • May 18 - 1st annual Blaine Triathlon (Blaine) OR May 18 – Fargo Half-Marathon or 10K
  • Jun 1 – Dewey Kvidt Duathlon (Grand Forks)
  • Jun 8 - Lindenwood 10K (Fargo)
  • Jun 22 – Graniteman Kids Tri St. Cloud
  • Jun 23 – Graniteman Tri St. Cloud
  • June 29 - Average Jo Triathlon (Perham, MN)
  • Jul 6 - Hy-Vee IronKids Waterloo
  • Jul 13 – Graniteman Tri Clearwater
  • Jul 20 - Hy-Vee IronKids - Rochester
  • Jul 28 - Hoot Lake Triathlon (Fergus Falls)
  • Aug 3 – Graniteman Tri Big Lake
  • Aug 31 - Red River Run 15K (Fargo) OR Aug 31 – Hy-Vee Iron Kids Nationals (Des Moines)
  • Sep 14 – Bismarck Marathon or Half-Marathon or 5K
  • Oct 26 - Trick or Trot 5K (Fargo)
  • Nov 16 - Turkey Trot 5Mile (Fargo)
 If you have an race favorite that I should consider for 2013, leave a comment below and let me know.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Race Result: 2012 Iron Kids Rochester Triathlon

Event: 2012 Iron Kids Rochester Triathlon (USAT)
Date: Saturday, July 21 2012
Location: Rochester Athletic Club; Rochester, MN
Weather: 70F, overcast with drizzle
Official Results: 2012 Iron Kids Waterloo Overall Results; Male 12 year old Results

Podium Boy's Personal Results Actual: 51:58
Overall: 14th overall in Senior Division (12-15 yo; 49 total); 10th overall in Senior Males (12-15 yo; 27 total); 3rd in 12 yo AG (10 total)

Rock on Team Gear West!

Here is what I've been telling Podium Boy lately. "You are at the age where every morning you wake up faster, stronger, bigger. You don't even have to do anything to get faster. Just wake up to a new day!"

I, on the other hand, wake up to another body part falling apart. Thank God, I have this kid to keep me sane this year with all that I have going on from an overloaded work schedule due to a recent merger to a tibial stress fracture that is keeping me from competing this season. From winning races in 2011 to the bench.

Of course, Podium Boy is not just laying around waiting to improve. He has his swim team, and his tremendous swim coaches in Tom Franke and Justin Zook. Justin, BTW, will be competing in London to try and repeat his world record setting performance and gold medal won in the 100 meter backstroke while competing at the Paralympic Games in Beijing, China in 2008.

Podium Boy has also been training for the upcoming Wayzata boys Cross Country season, which will be his first. Can he follow in Dad's footsteps and win a couple of state team titles (Jamestown, NoDak in '77 and '78)? Time will tell. All I know, his running has been on fire this year. We're talking huge leaps in difference from 2011. And his form.....well, watch the video further on below.

He continues to evolve on the bike. This has been the first summer on a true road bike and its been coming along. He's learning. He is listening. And that's all I am asking for at this point. This was a technical course. Lots and lots of turning. And get this: At one turn-around the kids were made to DISMOUNT completely. So, if the bike times seem slow, imagine four laps in which you had to dismount each time, then get back on your bike and get up to speed again.

And while his transitions at IK Waterloo where ultra-smooth, his transitions here left something to be desired. More specifics below. Lessons learned. All good.

So, let's get into the short summary. Unofficial time is per my own stop-watch as follows:
  • Swim Start to Swim Finish
  • Swim Finish to Bike Out
  • Bike Out to Bike In
  • Bike In to Run Out
  • Run Out to Finish
For whatever reason, Iron Kids does not time transitions. This is a puzzler. We're talking an extra mat at Swim Exit and an extra mat at Run Out. Not a big deal. So, that's why I am listing the unofficial times to give the reader a better sense for his actual times. And because his swim coaches would not be happy if I were to say he swam a 7:32 300!!

Swim - 300 yards (pool swim)

Unofficial Time - 4:35
Official Time - 7:32 (pool plus transition); 2nd in AG (10 total); 24th overall (49 total)

This was a pool swim. And a new twist for Podium Boy. I have experienced a time-trail start that evolves into a serpentine swim on a few occasions. Rather nice, to tell the truth. So during warm-ups I had him practice flips turns and going under the lane rope to get used to it. He did fine. Little congested at one point and he had to break stroke, but he did well.

Podium Boy gets in his warm-up
It was what I would term a satisfactory swim. We are working on him using his core and upper body strength and saving his legs. This was a new concept for him as in swim meets he is told to kick like his life depended on it. As result, the 'easier' kicking reflected in his time as he was a bit slower than expected. Still, very pleased.


Unofficial Time - 2:12

It was a good 120-yards to transition, if not more. Exit the building and go up a switchback sidewalk. Of all five elements in this event, this was his worst. He struggled with various things, like buckling the helmet, that he had working like clockwork just two weeks ago.

We're going to go to elastic laces. Been trying to talk him into it but he doesn't like the way they feel. But he is losing too much time lacing up his shoes. So this WILL change.

Bike - 8 miles

Unofficial Time- 30:42 (15.78 MPH)
Official Time - 30:35; 3rd in AG (10 total); 15th overall (49 total)

This course was far too technical for these kids. Many tight turns. Apparently one turn was so tight that each ride was told to dismount completely from their bike and then run around a cone. For each of the four circuits. So, if the bike speeds seem slow...keep this in mind. In addition, a light rain started as they finished the first of four bike loops.

I had stressed all week that with this many turns he need to be constantly shifting. He said he did, but I know he was riding too big a gear. Way too big. So, I was pretty much telling him to 'gear up' each time he went by. Meaning to get into a higher cadence. This will eventually sink in. Given that his bike split was right there with the age group leaders, we can call this a decent bike effort.


Unofficial Time - 0:35

This was pretty clean other than over shooting his rack spot. Hey, we've all done this. And then it was the run. For some reason, I had a feeling he was going to bust one. And he did.
Run - 2 miles

Unofficial Time - 13:07 (6:34 pace)
Official Time - 13:52 (transition 2 + run); 5th in AG (10 total); 9th overall (49 total)

Podium Boy's form, as mentioned before, has really improved. He actually looks like a runner now. Last year, his form was all over. Like a big long-armed ape slapping big feet on the ground. Something happened. Something clicked. Maybe a summer full of mileage was all that was needed. And I'm not talking a future Steve Prefontaine here, just a good solid runner that will be running well against his Old Man in future road races.

So, when he came through on his first mile split at 6:30, I had to take a double look at the watch. And when his pace was speeding up on the second lap, I knew he was having a great run.

And here is that video I promised. Just a few seconds of his form at the end, but compared to this point last year he has finally evolved into a runner.


Well, they certainly excel at this for the Iron Kids events. Wonderful awards and presentation for the kids. First class all the way.

For those not familiar, there are three divisions:

  • Junior: Ages 6-8 (50 yard swim/2 mile bike/500 yard run)
  • Intermediate: Ages 9-11 (150 yard swim/4 mile bike/1 mile run)
  • Senior: 12-15 (300 yard swim/8 mile bike/2 mile run)
The top three athletes within each age category (e.g., 6 year-old females, 9 year-old boys, etc.), receive a placement trophy. The top five athletes within each age category receive an official Hy-Vee IronKids US Championship presented by Dole Qualification packet. And they also received a very nice technical T-shirt to show they are national qualifiers. (And the goody bag was pretty good as well).

So, Podium Boy's age group was won by a young man from Thunder Bay, ON Canada. This was interesting since our swim team swam up there over Memorial Day weekend. Glad to see so many kids coming from all over for these great events.

This makes three third place finishes in three races in tri's this year for Podium Boy. I told him not to get use to being on the podium, that each race is tough. So he is to cherish each  time.
Up Next

Toying with these events, nothing concrete yet:

» July 28, 2012 - Hy-Vee IronKids Cedar Rapids
» August 4, 2012 - Hy-Vee IronKids Dubuque
» August 25, 2012 - Hy-vee IronKids Madison

For sure, the big one:

» September 1, 2012 - Hy-Vee IronKids National Championship - Des Moines

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Race Result: 2012 Iron Kids Waterloo Triathlon

Event: 2012 Iron Kids Waterloo Triathlon (USAT)
Date: Saturday, July 7 2012
Location: George Wyth State Park, Waterloo, IA
Hotel: Hampton Inn, Decar Rapids, IA
Weather: 82F, heat index of 86F. Very humid.
Official Results: 2012 Iron Kids Waterloo Overall Results; Male 12 year old Results

Podium Boy has been working all summer for two big events: Iron Kids Waterloo and Iron Kids Rochester. These are big-time events. He has continued to swim on the Life Time Minnesota swim team, prepare for the upcoming Wayzata high school cross country season, learn how to ride a road bike (still his weakest segment) and gain the knowledge of Dad's 25+ years of triathlon experience. Looks like his hard work is paying off.

Friday we drove to Waterloo for the 1st of his planned Iron Kids events. By the time we arrived at the race site for packet pickup at 5 PM, it was still 101 F....without the heat index reading. And humid. Guam humid.

The race site was professionally set up. The Iron Kids event is the real deal. Just like the adult events, big league in every sense of the word. We got the race packet and then looked over transition, the swim, drove the bike course and run course, and then headed to eat. We opted for an old favorite....Old Chicago where we shared a pizza. And some other things.

Carbo loading. OK, not really. That was Dad's.
Now pushing 7:30 PM we hit the hotel, checked in and were asleep by 9:30 PM. I got all of Podium Boy's things ready for the race as well.

We were up early and out the door by 6:30 AM and at the race site well before 7 AM. From there we set up in transition where we were assigned a rack which was nice for the kids. It was a little tight, but that's just like the adult events.

I let Podium Boy borrow my Old Man stool
Podium Boy was in the senior division (those aged 12-15) and was in the first swim wave. I had him do a swim warm up about 30-minutes prior to the scheduled start. And then it was time. We had no goal other than to learn from his first Iron Kids event.

Note - We'll talk a bit more about this, but he lost his timing chip somewhere on the way from swim exit and T1. Therefore, his splits are all whacked out. The times listed that follow are my approximations based off my own splits taken. Iron Kids does not have individual transition times. From what I can see, the swim split includes the time from the start of the swim to the entering of T1. The bike split includes the time from the entering of T1 to the exiting of T2. The run split includes the time from the exiting of T2 to the finish.

Podium Boy's Personal Results Actual: 56:35
Overall: 31st overall in Senior Division (12-15 yo; 72 total); 22nd overall in Senior Males (12-15 yo; 37 total); 3rd in 12 yo AG (8 total)

Transition area at IK Waterloo

Swim - 300 yards

Unofficial Time - 11:32; 2nd in AG (8 total)

The announced water temp was 80 F. The water was a small pond, but very safe as a tall child could touch bottom at any point along the swim course. For Podium Boy and the rest of the swimmers the swim course consisted of a single buoy turn, then exit the water and run around some cones, then head back out for a second lap.

The red buoy was the turn. One of two laps.
The start was time trial fashion. As it was our first Iron Kids, we had no idea so I spied a bunch of seasoned kids lining up. By the time we got there and figured out what was going on Podium Boy found himself towards the rear third of the group of seniors. As they lined up they were assigned their proper chip.

The Senior Division lines up for the swim time trial start
Now then, I know my son's times inside and out. I know he can cook a 300-yard swim in under 5 minutes. So when he came out of the water for the first lap a little OVER 4 minutes, I knew the swim course was waaayyyyyy off. Yes, he had a wee bit of a sighting problem and swam more distance than he had to. But this was no 300-yard swim course. I pegged it at slightly over 500 yards.

He came out of the water well. I always remind him to not stand up until a hand touches the bottom. And that has sunk in.

There was a 200-yard (confirmed with race director) run from the water to transition. So, a long run. Somewhere in there his timing chip fell off. As standing outside of transition and talking him through (shoes on, glasses on, helmet on, etc) he has the presence of mind to say, "Dad, my timing chip fell of." He is such a cool cucumber in transition. Really makes me proud there. I think his previous triathlon experiences have really helped him in this regard.

So I send him out on the bike and tell a race official that my son lost his chip. It is found and as he gets off the bike about to enter T2 an official straps it back on. Minor crisis averted.

Bike - 8 miles

Unofficial Time- 28:23 (17.0 MPH); 6th in AG (8 total)

There is no doubt that this is Podium Boy's weakest element currently. I have not gotten him out training on his road bike as much as I would like to have had. But he is making strides. Up to the week before all our training rides of 8-10 miles have been at about 15-16 MPH pace. At first he was very timid about the road bike. So handling was a skill he needed to learn and only road time would solve that. Second, he need to understand that he has all those gears for a reason. So when we train, I ride behind him and am constantly chattering "Go Up" or "Go Down". He now gets it and is making gear changes on his own with me only occasionally reminding him now.

The last training ride before the event, we did a 8 miler. Race conditions. For the front 4, I had him just work on the technical aspects and talked about how one cannot draft and rules of the road and so forth. On the back 4, I had him bust it. He averaged just over 17 MPH for that section and I knew he had made improvements. But would it carry over to race day?

I've already told you the swim course was long. I think the bike course was short. The Senior Division had to do a three lap circuit. I have no way of verifying the distance but based off what Podium Boy did either he just made it hurt and he was fast, or not so much.

From the splits I took, if I just look at the bike portion time only and not include transition time he averaged 18.5 MPH. Pretty damn good if in fact, it was that. But I'm more apt to think he was just under 18 MPH. Either way, his bike split was a full five minutes faster that I expected out of him. So, I was thrilled as he came into T2. "Rack the bike", "helmet off", "glasses off".....and before I sent him I had him take 5-10 seconds and take on some liquids.

By that time is was stinking hot. My shirt was thoroughly soaked thru. My Tighty-Whities, I was later to learn, were so soaked thru they had taken on the color of the denim shorts I was wearing! I was not sure if they had water on the run course so I thought it better to lose a few seconds in transition than completely blow up on the course. For those who raced Heart of the Lakes last year, conditions were similar to that.

Run - 2 miles

Official Time - 16:40 (8:20 pace); 3rd in AG (8 total)

Still, the heat was affecting him. The Senior Division had 2 x 1 mile loops. I stationed myself a ways out from the finish so I saw Podium Boy returning back on the first lap holding his side. He has had off and on side stitch problems stemming back from last year. I had them at his age as well. We had stretched out his sides before the event. One thing we'll do before the next one is get in a few quick run sprints. That has seemed to stem off these side aches during his run only events.

I could tell he was off pace. This is a kid who can run sub 7 minute miles when he is 'on'. But this was the longest tri of his young racing career. It was stinking hot. And he was also starting to suffer from blisters as we would learn later. So I didn't ride him too hard. By the time he reached me again on the second lap, his form was back to looking good and his pace had most assuredly picked up.

His only other mistake was something I put on a race official than on him. As he neared the finish line, there were lots and lots of cones. One line was the cone line leading back into transition....which was the line used from T2 to start the run. Another cone line led to the finish line. Well, Podium Boy chose the line back into transition. There was a official right there and just didn't let Podium Boy know which way to go. But he figured it out on his own and finished very strong. Only losing a few seconds to the mishap.

The blisters stemmed from a couple of reasons. He is simply in between sizes right now. Feet slightly too big for the smaller size shoe and slightly too small for the next size up. He really likes Brooks so he is racing in the T7 Racer series. Just like triathlete Chrissie Wellington wears, the T7 Racer is a minimal road racing shoe.

We talked about it, and he opted for the smaller size pair over the next size up. We have both in hand currently. Plus, he is going sockless in his races. Here is the result of that decision, one of three blisters earned.

Afterwards, he told that he kept thinking about the time Pre (Steve Prefontaine) ran with stitches in a foot. So, at least I know his head was on straight during the run and he is developing the required high pain threshold required to be semi-successful as a triathlon age grouper.

The newest Iron Kid


Well, they certainly excel at this for the Iron Kids events. Wonderful awards and presentation for the kids. First class all the way.

For those not familiar, there are three divisions:
  • Junior: Ages 6-8 (50 yard swim/2 mile bike/500 yard run)
  • Intermediate: Ages 9-11 (150 yard swim/4 mile bike/1 mile run)
  • Senior: 12-15 (300 yard swim/8 mile bike/2 mile run)

The top three athletes within each age category (e.g., 6 year-old females, 9 year-old boys, etc.), receive a placement trophy. The top five athletes within each age category receive an official Hy-Vee IronKids US Championship presented by Dole Qualification packet. And they also received a very nice technical T-shirt to show they are national qualifiers. (And the goody bag was pretty good as well).
So, we were super thrilled that in his very first Iron Kids event to not only finish top 3 (male 12 yo) but also qualify for the national event.

One happy Iron Kid
As always, it is great to podium. But sometimes can be aggravating to wait. And wait. And wait. And wait for awards to start. But as I told Podium Boy, it is far better to have to wait then go home early.
For each age group the top 5 were announced with 4th and 5th getting National qualification packets and 1-3 getting awards and packet (and the packets are really quite cool).
It become like a big giant tease as even though the race order was Senior, then Intermediate, then Juniors the awards ceremony was the reverse. So we waited politely through the Juniors then the Intermediates before they finally got to the Seniors.
And then, they had been going Boy-Girl in age order and once they reached Seniors reversed to Girl-Boy. And right after announcing the 12 yo girl winners, this happened (the "oh, really!" comment is provided by Podium Boy):

Finally, we reached the Male 12 yo age group:

Next Events:

July 14-15 (signed up) - State C Finals Swim Meet
Jul 21 (signed up) - Hy-Vee IronKids - Rochester, MN - 300yd pool swim, 8mi bike, 2mi run