Friday, December 7, 2012

Product Review: Withings WiFi Scale

The Withings WiFi Scale is a scale that measures your body weight and body fat %, and then wirelessly transmits it via standard WiFi to a website that allows you to track and record your weight.  But more importantly than than their website, it transmits data to a massive ecosystem of health, training and sports websites and software.  Including popular applications like Training Peaks, Sport Tracks, Facebook and Twitter.

On the upper right navigation area of this blog, you will now see a widget specific to my weight, BMI, lean mass and fat percentage. Not that I want everyone to know how fat I currently am, but I am using it as incentive to drop the weight before the heart of the 2013 racing season begins. My goal is to get under 139 lbs. 

I would post a very in-depth review of the scale, but DC Rainmaker has already done just that. So, for that detailed review, go hereI bought the scale after reading his super review on it. I then purchased it at Clever Training using 10% off of everything in your cart by adding code DCRSAVE10 at checkout

I had the scale operating within 15-minutes and posting to the web site. This included unpacking it. So, trust is super easy. After set-up, you can add up to eight separate users. Each member of the family can have their own account, but all are accessible from the main web site. What is nifty, is that the scale will recognize the user just by stepping on it (for the first time, it will initiate recognition determined by the weight you entered when setting up the individual account).

Set-up, as I said is easy. Just have to connect it to your computer via USB cord JUST for the initial set-up, then it is WiFi enabled. 

Set-up is an easy step-by-step process

Just have to connect it via USB for the initial set-up only
To learn even more, view the video below:

So far, I am enjoying the scale quite a lot. I like the simple, intuitive set-up. I like the easy social interfacing across multiple fronts. The only social site I have come across that does not currently link to it is Beginner Triathlete and they indicated to me the sale interface would not be added unless more people requested it. Of course, that is the triathlon training site I have selected. Maybe I switch to Training Peaks instead!?!?

Have fun with it. I know I will.

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