Monday, December 3, 2012

Podium Boy Has Great Swim Meet

Podium Boy had one of those swim meets where he caught up to the growth spurts and muscle development that every 12 year old goes through, and just put the new engine all together. It was a meet where at the end his Fat Old Dad threw both arms in the air and let out a blood curdling war whoop that had all the adults in attendance looking. It was two days of beauty. 

The haul for seven events included seven best times, three new B-Times, and a cornucopia of ribbons

  1. 100 Free: 1:12.11 (dropped 1.05 secs) ; 9th overall
  2. 50 Back: 37.70 (dropped 3.37 secs); 2nd in C group
  3. 50 Fly: 35.87 (dropped 1.89 secs); won heat and 8th overall
  4. 200 Free: 2:39.73 (dropped 14.50 secs); 2nd in C group
  5. 50 Free: 31.44 (dropped 1.37 secs); 10th overall
  6. 100 Fly: 1:21.18 (dropped 2.23 secs); 3rd overall
  7. 500 Free: 6:58.34 (dropped 42.93 secs); won heat, lapping some kids, and took home the C Overall win

The Post Meet Haul
The two events that stood out for me were the 50-Back and 500 Free. Dropping over three seconds in any 50-event is statistically significant. So, something 'clicked' there.

The 500 was dramatic as our goal going in was 7:17. With about 150-yards left, I thought he had a chance to go under 7 but needed to pick it up slightly. The coach read my mind and had the person counting laps for Podium Boy shake the lap counter to indicate he needed to pick it up. And he did. His fastest lap was the opening with a 36.34. His second fastest lap was the closing, in 39 seconds. Freaking awesome. I wish I would have recorded it, but I was too busy recording his splits against the goals set. But it will live on in memory.

And let's face it, how many of you adult TriGeek age groupers out there would kill for a sub-7 minute 500? Count me among you.

He now has two swim meets in January, one in February and then C-Finals at the end of February followed by A/B finals the next week. The question now: Will he actually having anything to race for in C-finals, or will he have B Times in all his events? 

Currently he has B -times in:

  1. 50 Free
  2. 100 Free
  3. 200 Free
  4. 500 Free
  5. 50 Back
  6. 50 Fly
  7. 100 Fly
He has C-times in:
  1. 100 Back
  2. 200 Fly
I think he could yet get his B-times on those two events. And we will be adding the 200 Back and 100 IM to the upcoming meets to see if he can get his C times there. We've avoid the IM's in the past because this child cannot breaststroke to save his life. But, that has been improving.

I can't wait for the next growth spurt. 

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