Saturday, September 29, 2018

Race Result: 2018 Fall Classic Duathlon

Event: 2018 Fall Classic Duathlon
Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018
Location: Lake Elmo Park Reserve
Hotel: Home, sweet home
Weather: 37F, wind from ESE at 2-4 MPH
Official Results: Overall 2018 Text Results
Previous Personal Results: 2013 (then known as the Park Tool Duathlon)

Personal Results

Goal: Top 5 in AG
Actual: 2nd
Overall: 12th (115 total); 2nd in 50-59 AG (15 total)

Race Summary

OK, so it's been awhile. To be exact, five years and two weeks since I last competed in a multi-sport event. For the past five years, I've been assisting my son as he continued his ascent within the Modern Pentathlon world. That took up a ton of time, energy, and money. Lots of traveling to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. But, a 2016 PanAm international gold medal and competing at the ModPen World Championships under the Team USA banner, along with numerous national and regional titles, sort of made it all worth while.

And now he's at the United States Air Force Academy, having accepted his appointment this past June. Life is a bowl of cherries for him. And I couldn't be happier for all that he has accomplished.

As an empty nest parent, I now have time on my hands. First order of business was to shed 42-lbs. Yep, really let myself go. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Next order of business was to start training. Slowly. And staying injury free. I've been running steadily for about 4 and 1/2 months now, and only biking for about 7-weeks. That's not a lot to go on for trying to sneak in a year-end duathlon. So, I knew my speed and endurance would only be a fraction of what I hope it will eventually be after I've had 12-18 months of training under my belt.

And, other than the fact that it was freakin' cold, I did OK. I was most disappointed in my two runs. My legs just weren't there today. Probably the cold weather combined with fairly heavy training the last 7-10 days. Just two weeks ago, I had won a 5K in West Fargo, ND with a per mile pace of 6:41. And I didn't see any reason for me to be much over 6:40ish today. But I was. Like I said, fitness will be an issue for me until I get in a good mileage base.

The bike was OK. I had secretly hoped to get over a 21 mph average, but considering I've only been on the bike for about 7-weeks, I'll take the result.

Typically in my summaries, I compare myself against my pre-race goals. As I had zero idea of what to expect, I instead compared to what I did in this event back in 2013 at the ripe young age of 52.

The setup in transition

Run One (3 miles)
2013: 19:03 (6:20 per mile pace)
2018 Time: 21:29 (7:10 per mile pace)

This was a nice run course mainly on the paved trails of Lake Elmo park. The first mile was at 6:35, right on target pace, but the legs simply didn't have any go-go juice today.

Transition One
2013: 0:43
2018 Time: 1:41

Hey, it was my first transition in 5 years. And I had to switch out to cold weather gloves for the bike, which didn't slide on so easily. That cost me time.

Bike (14 miles; Garmin said 13.32)
2013: 37:57 (21.1 MPH Avg)
2018 Time: 40:27 (20.8 MPH Avg)

I had forgotten that this course has a few major hills in the front half. But around mile six, I started to reel in some people, and passed quite a few bikes....and was passed in return.

No major muscle cramps to report other than a slight cramp in my right calf as I left transition 2.

Transition Two
2013: 0:51
2018 Time: 1:14

Little bit better this time around. Still slow for the Old Man.

Run Two (2.5 miles)
2013: 16:31 (6:39 per mile pace)
2018 Time: 18:21 (7:21 per mile pace)

As I said, the right calf wanted to cramp up right after transition but it loosened up very quickly and I just kept a good pace. I was fairly gassed with about 1/2 mile remaining. Need to pound the pavement over the winter. No two ways about it.

Next Race

TBD - Nothing at all planned. Just taking the calendar as it comes.