Monday, August 6, 2012

Looking Ahead to 2013

As I haven't posted as of late (other than Podium Boy's results), I figured I would give a quick update on the tibial stress fracture and also share my initial thoughts for the 2013 racing season.

I'm a little over four months removed from the severe injury suffered (OK, worsened), during my 10K race in London on April 1. Much of the pain has subsided to the point that it almost feels akin to having a ligament pull...if that makes sense. The tibia no longer has the severe pain that caused me to walk with a limp and favor one leg. I can walk normally, it just feels 'tight'. I have tried jogging a few yards, and can feel some slight nagging pain that indicates it is not 100% healed. But progress has been made.

I've been walking the dogs at least 3-4 times a week. The tibia is a little sore the day after, so I allow it to rest. Super Mario Minelli will be pleased to know I am wearing the Vibrams. I figure this will help to strengthen the feet and maybe that will also strengthen the muscles around the tibia. At this rate, I am hoping that I can slowly start to run around September 1.

So, I have already begun to think ahead to 2013. I'll be coming off a major injury. And I'm not about to repeat that. It will take some time to work back into shape in order to once again visit the 50-54 podium as I have frequently done the last several years. So, 2013 will be low key. I am going to try to keep to unusual, untested (not competed in before) races as well for a change of pace. Focus will be more on running events over multi-sport events so that I can start to build up my speed. For now, I am leaving the calendar with some open dates so I can jump into a race on short notice or rest and recover as required. So, for the time being, the 2013 calendar may look like this:

  • Feb 2 - Hamel 5K - Hamel, MN
  • Feb 16 - Sweetheart Run 5K or 10K - Mahtomedi, MN
  • Mar 9 - Becker Community Center Chase a Leprechaun 5K Fun Run/Walk
  • Mar 16 - St. Patrick's Day 5K (Fargo)
  • May 4 - Chain of Lakes Triathlon (Alexandria)
  • May 11 - Central Lakes Duathlon (Fergus Falls)
  • May 18 - 1st annual Blaine Triathlon (Blaine) OR May 18 – Fargo Half-Marathon or 10K
  • Jun 1 – Dewey Kvidt Duathlon (Grand Forks)
  • Jun 8 - Lindenwood 10K (Fargo)
  • Jun 22 – Graniteman Kids Tri St. Cloud
  • Jun 23 – Graniteman Tri St. Cloud
  • June 29 - Average Jo Triathlon (Perham, MN)
  • Jul 6 - Hy-Vee IronKids Waterloo
  • Jul 13 – Graniteman Tri Clearwater
  • Jul 20 - Hy-Vee IronKids - Rochester
  • Jul 28 - Hoot Lake Triathlon (Fergus Falls)
  • Aug 3 – Graniteman Tri Big Lake
  • Aug 31 - Red River Run 15K (Fargo) OR Aug 31 – Hy-Vee Iron Kids Nationals (Des Moines)
  • Sep 14 – Bismarck Marathon or Half-Marathon or 5K
  • Oct 26 - Trick or Trot 5K (Fargo)
  • Nov 16 - Turkey Trot 5Mile (Fargo)
 If you have an race favorite that I should consider for 2013, leave a comment below and let me know.

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Garrick said...

Good to see the Graniteman events are on your agenda. They were a blast!... Glad you didn't see me take the spill in the woods at Clearwater.. And next year..maybe..a new bike!?