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Race Result: 2012 Kiwanis Kids Triathlon

Event: 2012 Kiwanis Kids Triathlon (non USAT)
Date: Saturday, August 25, 2012
Location: Whipple Beach Park, in Baxter, MN
Weather: 74F, overcast with showers
Official Results: Overall Results

Podium Boy's Personal Results Actual: 30:18
Overall: 1st in 12 yo AG (12 total)

He is nicknamed Podium Boy for a Reason
We used this event as a warm-up for IronKids Nationals in Des Moines on September 1. Our other choice would have been a 10-hour RT round trip to Madison. Since this was a 4-hour RT road trip, I think we made the right choice.

The race venue is fab. This is also the site of an adult event the following day and we may have to consider a family double in 2013. The lake and beach are superb. The kids race was fairly flat, although I cannot speak for what the adult course might hold.

We knew going in the swim would be a 'joke' in that it is a 50-yard parallel to the shore splash and dash. So we placed zero consideration in that element other than come out alive as it was a true running-swimming-washing-machine comedy.

Swam was from buoy to buoy and back. Yep, I know.

The Course Map
The weather was a bit humid. It also misted, then had showers, then it poured right at the end. But compared to weather in January, it was beautiful.

We got our race packet and set up in transition where PB practiced his T1 and T2 as it had been a few weeks since our last event at Iron Kids Rochester.

Shout out to Tim Carroll with the Aggies shirt!

Swim - 50 yards (lake swim)

Official Time - 1:39 (water plus approx 75-yard run up the beach)); 5th in AG (12 total)

I'll just let the video speak for itself. PB is in neon green swim cap. (PS - Why do women always yell "wooooo-wooooo"? Can they think of perhaps adding encouragement or advice?)


Unofficial Time - 1:00

We discussed setting up by bike exit or by run exit. PB felt he wanted to be by run exit. So that's what we did. No issues here. Zip laces certainly was the big, and welcome, change from our previous tri's this summer.

Bike - 4 miles
Official Time - 13:51; 6th in AG (12 total)

This seemed to be a nice course. PB stated it was full of false flats and that he seemed to be climbing all the time. Me thinks he was just being whiny. He said his tummy was upset on the bike so we will need to review nutrition plan. I think he is suffering from mild sinus issues and we'll pop him a Sudafed before the next race to alleviate sinus drainage.


Unofficial Time - 0:29

Have said it before and say it again: PB transitions better than I do. Man, he is quick.

Run - 2 miles
Official Time - 13:20 - 6:40 per mile pace; 1st in AG (12 total)

I figure he came out of T2 about a minute down and a couple of other 12-yo's so he had work to do. But remember PB is running XC and his run is his strong element right now behind swim (on swim team) and bike.

This was a 2-lap 1mile run course. So I got to see him come around. He was closing the gap on the leading 12-yo males. I told him who to catch (as you'll hear in the videos). As he neared the finish, one 12-yo male was hanging right on his shoulder. PB and I had been discussing this very tactic as part of his XC training. So he knew what to do, which was to explode a 100-yards from the finish in order to not allow the hanger-on the opportunity to sprint by. Worked like a charm.


This was PB's first AG victory of the season, coming after 3 consecutive third place finishes. It felt sweet for him. For me, I guess I was so excited I didn't even notice I had the iPad turned the wrong way as I taped him getting his award. Dad = dork.

Up Next

Aug 28, 2012 - St. Cloud Early Bird Cross Country Meet
September 1, 2012 - Hy-Vee IronKids National Championship - Des Moines

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