Monday, July 20, 2009

Taper Help!

Hi everyone. I'm going to use this blog entry to ask for a little help. I have a triathlon on August 15th that I'd like to do well in. This will most likely be my last tri of the 2009 season.

Question is simple - do you have a favorite one or two week taper program that you have found successful leading into a triathlon? If so, please share. Either leave a comment below or send to me via e-mail.



Borsch said...

I haven't done any tris but for other races I'm a 1 week taper person...even for last year's marathon.

Mario said...

One week is not enough for anything, especially a taper. One week is a rest week. You don't really have enough time to do a complete taper for a race that is 3weeks away, but you can get close. I will email you a taper plan. One reason a one week taper is too short is that anything within about two weeks of your target race will NOT improve performance--it will only maintain what you already have--which is very important. So, two weeks out, any hard or excessively long will only wear you down. Aerobic & strength benefits of training will will not appear till after the race. Skills can always be improved though.