Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Frozen Garmin 405 Fix

Earlier this year I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 405 with heart rate monitor. I love it and probably couldn't train without it. I only wish they would make this model to be water resistant. Yes, they have the Forerunner 310XT, but that thing looks just too bulky. Hopefully Garmin will introduce a water resistant 4-series in the new future. And I'd love one that would automatically recognize if you are doing a swim, bike or run without having to change the Sport Mode.

On Monday I grabbed my Garmin only to find it frozen on the date and time. A quick search on the good ol' 'Net yielded two remedies.

One: You can let the battery drain down. Not a good option if you are in need of the Garmin at that very moment.

Two: Push in both buttons and hold for about 30 seconds. The screen will go blank at which point you can release the buttons. A quick screen reset will display and you are back in business.

And going back to my DNF at Lake Waconia this past Sunday where I experienced some 'issues' navigating the large waves due to high winds...maybe I wasn't so stupid after all. Two swimmers died in similar conditions at another lake.

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slo said...

Thanks so much for the fix. They should list this fix in the troubleshooting page of the manual.