Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Jerseys

I've been enticed to invest in a few new cycling jersey's having spent, oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of 99-hours glued in front of the television the last few weeks watching the Tour.

I've made it no secret that the rider I've been most impressed with is Franco Pellizotti of Team Liquigas.

So it should come as no great shock that I picked up a jersey off eBay this week.

And I believe I have spoken about my love for the color orange. Last week, I even designed a Trek Madone in orange. Not that I can afford a custom Trek Madone....but I can afford a orange jersey. Just like the one wore by Mikel Astarloza in winning Stage 16 for team Euskaltel-Euskadi.

Once again, thanks to eBay, I can now be rather dapper when cycling the roads of the Baker Park Reserve.

How about you? Make any recent purchases based off something, or someone, seen during the Tour?

1 comment:

bwheat said...

Those colors are definitely you. I admire both those teams but as of yet have not purchased a team kit. I'm kind of partial to polka dots.