Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Leftovers

Since I was a bachelor this weekend, I had to get up with the dogs. My wife usually covers this duty. I guess it's something she just does and I take for granted. But she is a WKW (Well Kept Wife) so she can't complain.

Getting up with the dogs means sometime between 4:30 - 5:30 AM. Our oldest whippet, now 13, just seems ready to rock n' roll right away. My wife refers to Glynis as the 'old woman'.

Since the Wife® and the Boy® were out of town, it was my turn. Glynis allowed me to sleep in until 5:20 AM. My other dog, Pont....almost 5 now, was fast asleep under the covers with me. So we all got up together.

So, I headed out the door with the TT bike and drove to Baker Regional Park where I could ride unfettered and also get in some hills. My time-trial distance would be 13.57 miles. I had been doing this at 22 MPH pace in May, but haven't been able to match it since.

I got off to an ominous start was the chain somehow ended up in back of the cassette. It took me two minutes to undo the damn mess. My hands were now covered in grease. Yeah, it was going to be a great time trial. In the end my time was better than a few weeks ago, but still below my goal. But, I was content.

Distance - 13.55 miles
Time - 38 mins 28 secs
Avg Speed - 21.1

All before 8:30 AM. Which meant I could watch the last stage of the Tour. Which I did. My only comments are:

- Anyone else feel the icy friction between the #1 and # 3 spots on the podium?
- I do not like Fabian Cancellara (Spartacus) but I am warming on Mark Cavendish.
- Phil Liggett had a juicy comment at the end, in essence saying neither Alberto Contador or Andy Schleck could match the intelligence of Lance Armstrong and that Armstrong could have a higher result in the 2010 tour because of it.

With the Tour out of the way, I was free to hit the pool. I opened with a 500-yd warm up (250 yds of which was just pull). I then sank into my second speed work of the day.

12x25's: all under 20-seconds; 30-second rest interval
10x50's: all between :44 - :46; 20-second RI
5x100's: all between 1:34 - 1:37; 30-second RI
200 yd cool down for a total of 2000 yds.

That hurt. But it felt good afterwards. So good that I decided I might as well got for the trifecta and run. So I did an easy 3.77 miles. Very easy at 8:30 pace which felt smooth in the 80-degree temps.

All of which meant I could try two new flavors of Doritos and not feel guilty.

It's the little things in life, right?

Quick blurb on my August events schedule, coming Wednesday is my preview of the Waseca Triathlon scheduled for this coming Sunday (8/2). After that is the Detroit Lakes Triathlon (8/15) and then the Minneapolis Duathlon (8/31). Note on the MPLS already has over 800 people entered. Amazing for a first time event.

July Totals to Date
Work Out Hours - 33 hrs 18 mins
Bike Miles - 390
Swim Yards - 22,100
Run Miles - 30 (freakin' Achilles is making this a season to forget!)

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