Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Am a Magnetic Field

Magnets have long been associated with the ability to enhance the body's natural healing ability. Very soon I will try on the Trion:Z Ionic/Magnetic bracelet and keep an open mind.

Frankly I am a cynic. On some days, I’m a ‘glass is half empty’ person who always likes to shoot holes into peoples theories and ideas. But I do try and look into new things. No matter how Area 51 they may be.

Recently, I saw an ad for Trion:Z Active Ionic bracelets. I laughed off all thoughts of purchasing one of these "miracle cures" thinking that this was all a crock of lies to sell bracelets. But as I’ve inched closer and closer to the Big 5-0, my aches and pains that have crept up the past few years have not subsided despite massage and stretching. I'm feeling physically drained and I guess that I was looking for that phenomenon that would improve my health and give me back my A-game.

Trion:Z bracelets are not metallic but are made from a special material that is infused with negative ion-producing minerals called "STAYERS" actually woven directly into the fabric. They are double-looped to enhance their healing properties. As it clearly states on the package, the "unique, patented Alternating North South Polarity Orientation (ASPO) increases Magnetic Field Flow to maximize the power of the magnets".

Two loops, alternating current, more power. And now they had formulated a silicone model especially for triathletes who swim, bike, run and generally sweat twenty-three hours a day.

These bracelets were designed for the active person. Urban living produces countless positive ions which are associated with symptoms including fatigue, loss of concentration, nausea, headaches and joint pain. Basically, if you're feeling uncomfortable from the stresses of daily living, this bracelet's negative ions are supposed to counteract these symptoms.

Not only are athletic types supposed to benefit from this technology but people who are regularly exposed to positive ions from computers, cell phones and electrical machinery.

It is known that magnetic therapy has been used on patients since the days of the early Egyptians and Asian culture promotes the healing power of magnets as well. With the Earth being one large magnet and the field around it protecting us from the harm of radiation, there is some sense to be made of this technology.

You can pick one (or several) of these nifty Trion:Z ionic bracelets for a song (I paid $26.95 including shipping) compared to other magnetic lifestyle technology. Just don't blame me if they don't actually seem to do anything. I’ll be back to report on mine in a few weeks.

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Adam Beston said...

Ben Greenfield dabbles in the "Area 51" type stuff and you might drop him a line about what he thinks.