Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Art

Warning - the following blog entry hasn't tickety-boo to do with triathlons.

In the fall of 2006, we paid a visit to Scottsdale. I love Arizona. I was there a lot in the late 90's when I worked for my former employer. In fact, I brought the Wife® down there one trip in the spring of 1998 hoping to talk her into moving. But back then, it wasn't to be.

While there in 2006, we went shopping for some paintings. Real oils. One of a kind pieces. And we discovered an artist out of Spain by the name of Pedro Fraile. Spain has been the birthplace of many talented artists such as El Greco, Goya, Murillo, Velazquez and many others including Fraile, from Madrid. Pedro had the opportunity as a very young man to live in the environment and influence of the great Spanish master, Manuel Benedito. His further studies included training at a School of Arts and Crafts, and the Superior School of Fine Arts in Madrid.

His fondness for the countryside…its plains, humble villages…the land and sea, and particularly, the simple life that he respects and loves, is the inspiration for Pedro’s irrevocable vocation. His palette of pure, vibrating colors translate into vitality, warmth and optimism. Pedro’s youthful exuberance continues to be evident in his work and his pursuit of the path towards perfection is infinitely intriguing as the mystery of a white canvas evolves little by little to where his mastery gives shape to a message, an emotion…the silent legacy of the painting becoming a memory for the future.

When the Wife® and I first starting dating, she was employed at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. We spent many a date walking the various galleries and looking at our favorite works. We have traveled abroad to look at art. Such as our 1995 trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg where we have fallen in love with so many Russian artists.

On this 2006 trip to Scottsdale, we started out looking for Russian art. But in the end, we just could not pass up the opportunity to own some works by Fraile. So, we bought two that trip as shown below.

This past spring, we again returned during the Boy's® spring break. During our stay, we returned to the same gallery and spent the morning pouring over more than forty works by Fraile. We narrowed it down to five. Then to four. And eventually decided on two new paintings to add to our Fraile collection.

One was very large and needed to have a special frame created. So, there was a delay in getting the new art work to us. But arrive they did, just yesterday. The first, shown below, now hangs in the master bedroom.

The second was more of a challenge to hang. We had planned to place in our living room. But with frame the painting's dimensions come in at 4' by 5'. And it just didn't fit over the piano. One hour later we had shifted around living room furniture, including the piano. But nothing looked right. I was losing patience.

The Wife® then came up with a brilliant suggestion. Move the grandfather clock in the Great Room and we'd have a perfect spot for the oil.

The painting is just tremendous. No amount of pictures does it justice. The Boy agreed to stand in front of it to provide an idea of its size.

That's it for today. If you are in the Scottsdale area and wish to visit the gallery we have had such great service with, go no further than S. R. Brennen and ask for Trey.

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Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Those really are beautiful pieces! That style is something I really do like. And thanks so much for the suggestion of a gallery here in Phoenix. I'm going to have to go and check it out.