Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

Wow, I am having a great July as far as workout totals. I fact, if I keep on my plan for the weekend I will break my monthly bike total record this weekend. With twelve days left in the month I will be over 320 miles on the bike. And that will be a new monthly record since I started my triathlon comeback two years ago. Could I get to 400 miles for the month?

Of course, it hasn't been pain free. On Thursday evening, I had a windy 40 miler on the bike. Then I picked up some road rash in my friggin' driveway when I couldn't click out of my pedals and just fell over. Laugh a minute I am.

My fav rider (thus far) at this year's tour is Franco Pellizotti. Yours?

And am I the only guy who doesn't really like Mark Cavendish? Can't put a finger on why. I've never met the man. Never will. But I just bristle when I see him.

Me and a copper got into it the other day. It was captured on tape.

How can I get a yellow Specialized S-Works? Seriously. More on this bike here.

Of course, everyone wants to ride what Lance is riding. Which is a Trek Madone 6.9 If you want to play around, you can build your own Madone 6.9 to your own custom specs. Here are three that I created. Amazing that just under $9000, ahem, gets you a custom bike. The third is my favorite. I've been wearing orange when racing, so why not a orange bike? And this actually comes in at $8609.99.

I leave you with a short video of my whippets.

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