Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Totals/Additional Waseca Tri Info

July was a fairly good month for workouts. It helps when you only enter one race! Knowing that I had three events in August I wanted to lay down a good base while also working on that nagging right Achilles.

Swim Totals
Notes - It certainly helps one's totals when your son is on the swim team which forces dear old Dad to swim 90-min workouts as well. The pool is split in half, with four lanes going to the swim team and four lanes to lap swimmers.

Bike Totals
414.5 - miles
Notes - My best month ever in the last two years, beating my previous monthly high by 102 miles. Still, I needed to get in more speed sessions. Something I hope to work on during August.

Run Totals
32.95 - miles
Notes - Yep, all I could manage was what I would typically run in one week. While better, the Achilles continues to hold me back and I expect it will take the cold, dark days of winter to heal that up.

Total Hours
36 hrs 18 mins
Notes - Not bad, although I was shooting for forty hours this month. The Real Job & the Achilles got in the way. And some additional easy/rest days were inserted once I decided I was doing the Waseca triathlon.

Speaking of the Waseca tri, the weather is looking very good. Albeit, possibly a bit breezy.

The field for each event....there is a 1/3 IM and a now full. Race director Bill Nevala (follow on Twitter at @bnevala) has now added additional waves to the field to thin things out a bit.

7:30 AM: 1/3 Iron Wave 1 starts (male)

7:35 AM: 1/3 Iron Wave 2 starts (female)

8:00 AM: Sprint Wave 3 starts (male up to 34 yo)

8:03 AM: Sprint Wave 4 starts (male 35 yo & over)

8:06 AM: Sprint Wave 5 starts (female up to 34 yo)

8:09 AM: Sprint Wave 6 starts (male 35 yo & over)

My targets will be:

Swim (0.26 miles) - 8:23
T1 - 1:30
Bike (13.82 mi) - 38:34 (21.5 MPH)
T2 - 1:30
Run (4.4 mi) - 32:16 (7:20/mi)
Total - 1:22.13

If it is breezy as predicted, the wind will be pushing at my back as we head out on the out-back bike course. I would hope to build up speed going out in order to build confidence for the return into the wind. And if I'm over 22 MPH average at the turn-around, maybe the return becomes a goal to stay above that rate.

There are a total of seven entrants in the male 45-49 category, so I will have my work cutout for me to make the podium. I should have the results posted Sunday evening. Have a great weekend!

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