Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Boy® at His First Swim Meet

The Boy® and I went to swim team practice on Wednesday night as we have been doing all summer. Actually, we go every Monday and Wednesday. The Boy® has a 90-minute practice with the Lifetime Swim Team in one half of the pool. I do my practice on the other side.

Only this Wednesday, we arrived to find quite a crowd. Seems that a late decision had been made to hold a swim meet with one of the other clubs. No one had any time to be notified, so we were walking into racing conditions. The Boy® was just a tad caught off guard and understandably nervous as his coach assigned him to compete in the 50-yd free and the 50-yd backstroke.

The Boy® was also nervous about using the blocks as the team has only been practicing starts very recently. But he did just fine. We're awaiting the official results but unofficially The Boy® dropped another 3-seconds off his 50-yd free time. That's on top of the 11-seconds he had already improved on since he has started swim team practice.

The backstroke needs a little work. But I will say this: One, you'd never catch me diving off the blocks and two, I've never been able to execute a proper flip turn. So, he's two up on me already!

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