Sunday, August 30, 2009

Minneapolis Duathlon Recap

Sunday (8/30) was the inaugural Minneapolis Duathlon. Touted as an urban race, it took participants through the heart of Minneapolis.

The race was a 5K run, 18 mile bike and 5K run. The running portions took us from downtown Minneapolis, across the Mississippi River, onto Nicollet Island, and back to downtown. The bike traveled down West River Parkway and back. West River Parkway was completely shut down for the race. Also including a time-trial event, a 5k event and duathlon relay this first time event drew 1200 people. 813 people completed the duathlon.

My goals heading into the MPLS Duathlon, and results. I'm again pleased. This makes three very good results in a row and ends a very productive August. See Waseca Triathlon Recap and Detroit Lakes Triathlon Recap blog entries.

My targets were:

First Run (5K)
Gear: Nike Luna Racers
Target - 20:55 (6:45/mi)
Official Result - 20:15 (6:31/mile)
Overall Place - 42nd (813 total)
Age Group Place - 2nd (44 total)

Notes - Went out too fast, but then I always do. Hey, I just felt good. And I was wearing the Garmin 405 for the first time in an event. The pace was reading under 6-min pace initially so I reeled that back in a bit. There were three fairly substantial hills. I keep forgetting that overpasses can be a bit steep at time. The hill at Mile 2 was the worst, short but steep. I kept the run in control and came into T1 with every bad muscle still in game mode. Not bad for very limited running this month due to the continuing Achilles issue.

Target - 2:00
Official Result - 1:41

Notes - Whoa! Looooooonnnnnggg transition. But what would you expect with 1200 people? I easily had 125-yards from the timing mat to my bike. Everything went smooth.

Bike (18.11 miles)
Gear: Cervélo P3/ZIPP 404 front-rear disc by Gear West. Retul bike fit by Curt Wood (Gear West). Giro Filter sunglasses with ZEISS certified lenses. Giro Advantage 2 aero helmet.
Target - 49:23 (22 MPH)
Official Result - 49:09 (22.0 MPH)
Overall Place - 26th (813 total)
Age Group Place - 1st (44 total)

Notes - Just a nice rolling course. One major hill on the return. But other than that, I really didn't have any hill issues. A very slight tail-wind (4-5 MPH) at our backs for the out-and-bike bike course. As I approached the turn-around, the left hammy that has been giving me some issues the past two weeks was starting to be crabby. Then the left flexor. So I was doing some standing which helped.

Target - 2:00
Official Result - 2:29

Notes - We had to dismount on one side of the road, cross the road, run another 15-yards to the timing mat...then the loooooonng journey back to the bike rack. And my calves were not the least bit happy. I was getting worried that they would cramp up as I started to get on the Luna's. But they hung tough.

Second Run (5K)
Gear: Nike Luna Racers
Target - 21:26 (6:55/mi)
Official Result - 21:42 (6:59/mile)
Overall Place - 58th (813 total)
Age Group Place - 2nd (44 total)

Notes - This hurt. The first half-mile was spent just getting the legs from reaching full cramp crisis. But I was then able to get into a nice steady rhythm. I was running well 6:40 pace to start with but I could not hold it. So I just relaxed and tried to enjoy the race. That aforementioned climb at Mile 2 sucked some life out of me. After that, it was just keeping a steady, relaxed pace.

Target - 1:35.45
Official Result - 1:35.14
Overall Place - 35th (813 total)
Age Group Place (45-49) - 1st (44 total)

Summary - A wonderful event. I'm not sure how John Larson pulled it off. I mean, for a first year event I had my concerns. In fact, here is my direct quote from a blog entry earlier this week:

I envision 1000 'rookie' duathletes all fighting for road space. I don't see this any more than rush-hour traffic. It may be ugly. So, I'm treating not as a 'race' but as an 'event'. We'll see.

Truth is, the bike traffic wasn't that bad. Oh sure, there were moments. Like when I was screaming down a large hill nearing 40-MPH and I came up behind three ladies riding three abreast and seemed to be having a Sunday chat. A rather loud, 'LEFT-LEFT-LEFT' seemed to awake them from their combined stupor and hopefully encouraged them to stay to the right, and in single file.

The course was challenging, the weather perfect, and the awards.....well, they were awesome. Next year, John hopes to have 2000 people compete. I think he has 1200 people guaranteed to return, so he'll be off on a strong start to making the MPLS Du the largest duathlon event in the world.

The Results

Next Possible Event (yet to be decided upon) - I am considering going on a 515 mile road trip (one way) from MPLS to Dickinson, ND. That's only a stone throw from the NDak-Montana border. All for getting in one last triathlon this year. The West River Triathlon takes place on Saturday, September 12, 2009. I gauge my probability at entering somewhere around 30%.


Bill said...

Congrats again on the victory Brian! It was great to finally get together again after all these years. It was a fun event I wish I had been able to better train for but I pretty much met my expectations for my times. First 5K, 30:28 (31:00 expected), 1st transition, 3:12 long transition but it was my first du so I wasn't prepared, 1:11:52 bike (1:10 - 1:15), 2nd trans. 3:56, when I got off the bike I immediately started fighting cramping in my left gluteous maximus, 2nd 5K 35:23 (33:00). Slower 2nd 5K than I was hoping for as I was fighting cramps for most of the run.

It was great to see you and hopefully it won't be another 27 years before we do it again.

Mario said...


I think you should come down and do the Treadman this weekend. You're on a roll.

Adam Beston said...

Man, great Age group placing. You are closer to the Montana border then I am and I LIVE in Montana. Oh, well. Great to see the year is turning out well with the injury earlier in the year.

bwheat said...

Awesome race Brian!!! I would consider this race for the future, but it's on the same weekend as Hotter-n-Hell Hundred. Gwen and I just did our 16th straight. The HHH is one of the largest if not largest ride in the the country 14200 riders this year. Not only is a tradition for us it's also our anniversary! Hope you can make it to TX in Nov.

Willam said...

Hi Brian,

I saw your placement after the event. You weren't supposed to pass me until the bike, but you had your jets on and picked me off on the 1st run! Great seeing you again Brian! Nice tech shirt by the way! :) GREAT JOB!
Got to get out and finish marking the Treadman Duathlon route. See you soon.