Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Dead Zone

Yes, it has a been a while since my last post. Multiple reasons apply. Work, 'nuf said. Also the two big events of the season...those which had two big red circles around them, the Waseca Triathlon and the Detroit Lakes Triathlon are over. Happily, I peaked perfectly for those two events. No small feat for a self-coached aging triathlete also doubling as father and husband.

So, I'm in PPD. PPD = Post Peak Depression. Symptoms include legs which have no snap and little energy, little personal motivation, and no desire for yet another 2 1/2 hour bike ride.

Hell, we all go through it at some point. It feels like you are running in quicksand. Everything aches and you just want to rest. So, rest is what I did after the D.L. tri in which I did no workouts for three days. And I didn't feel one bit g-u-i-l-t-y. That's when you know you have a bad case of PPD.

Still, I show signs of getting out of it for a fall calendar of events. Such as:

1 - Team Ortho's MINNEAPOLIS DUATHLON is a new event to the Twin Cities and happens this coming Sunday (8/30). I signed up for this way back in January. Now then, I am not treating this as a race. Here is why: It is already the U.S.'s largest duathlon. That's right, a first year event with over 1200 people. People were encouraged to participate whether they are riding a Road/Tri, Mountain, Cross, or Single Speed bike. Nothing wrong with that. But I envision 1000 'rookie' duathletes all fighting for road space. I don't see this any more than rush-hour traffic. It may be ugly. So, I'm treating not as a 'race' but as an 'event'. We'll see.

2 - I am considering going on a 515 mile road trip (one way) from MPLS to Dickinson, ND. That's only a stone throw from the NDak-Montana border. All for getting in one last triathlon this year. The West River Triathlon takes place on Saturday, September 12, 2009. I gauge my probability at entering somewhere around 30%.

3 - The Plymouth Fire Department 5K on Saturday, Sept. 26. If my Achilles is fine and if my hammy is fine (all of a sudden my left ham is all crabby) and if the weather is fine I may crawl out of bed and drive four minutes...literally...and jump in this one. Fine cause. I took 5th overall in 2008 with a time of 19:38. Note to self - remember the Well Kept Wife works for the city and would again like me to represent the family.

4 - The Osceola Duathlon on Sunday, October 11. I did the inaugural event back in 2007. I skipped it last year due to other commitments. But I'd like to try my hand at it again. Very unique distance of 3 mile run, 22 mile bike, then an all out 1 mile run. Vikes are playing at St. Louis that day..so I'm not missing a home game!

5 - The Minneapolis 5K-9, with my youngest dog! Bad thing about whippets....they are good for about 300-yds and then its 'I just want to walk and look at squirrels' time. No matter. This may be a fun way to kick off Saturday, October 31,2009

6 - OK, how's this for a real wild hair? Hit the road on Wednesday, November 11. Drive to Ft. Worth Texas and participate in the 2nd Annual Bronda's Run/Bike Du. 2 mile run-15 mile bike-2 mile run. Whoop-de-friggin-do, right? Why drive to Texas for a sprint du? One, I used to live, train, and race in Texas from 1987-89. Two, and this is the real cool part, the run is held inside the Texas Motor Speedway. The bike occurs on a closed course around the speedway, then finishing the second run inside the speedway again. How cool is that? Don't believe me? Here's the run course:

Now, if I were to actually do all of these remaining events....likelihood the same as me winning the Power Ball....that would give me a total of seventeen events in 2009. At least one event in every month save for December.

Then I deserve a rest. So I can start planning for 2010. And I can tell you right now it will not be seventeen events.


Adam Beston said...

Man, I am going to have trouble making double digits and only have 3 days off due to injury. Your last race and now this is making us young guys look bad!

Brian said...

Yeah, but Adam...it tooks us old fogey's an hour just to get out of bed, six cups of coffee to open our eyes and then we're only good for an hour or two before it is nap time so we can build enough energy for an afternoon workout. Then a nap after supper so we're good and rested for bed.