Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Passing the Torch

One of the reasons I started this blog was to focus now and then on kids & triathlon training. Let me put it this was: When I visit my local health club to do my swim workouts I see young kids....we're talking 10 and under here...that have a need for a mansiere. A mansiere is defined as a brassiere for men, aka a "bro". They can't put on their little swim trunks without having to take a breather. My son is not going to fall into that category.

Last year The Boy® did his first triathlon in Park Rapids, MN last year and is signed up again this year. He is a few weeks out from his continuing duel with neighbor Sam to be the fastest kid in 3rd grade, this year choosing to run the 480-yd dash at the school track & field meet. Unlike last year, we have started a training program.

Tonight we run a loop on a walking path near our humble abode. The result was not too shabby for a boy just turned nine. Per the Garmin, we covered 1.79 miles at 9:57 pace. Let's say we have a few pacing issues that need to be worked through with the pupil as someone started out at 7:40 pace and became aware he could not sustain that, oh, about 1/4 of a mile into it despite pleas from his coach to 'slow it down'.

Nonetheless, despite several temporary stops (Whoa Dad! That's a huge hill!) The Boy® enjoyed his workout, remained somewhat talkative, and even outsprinted me on the last block back home (for real). I mean, he finished the last segment at 6:38 pace! The entire run can be seen here.

Note to self - A 2-miler with The Boy® and your avg HR is 138?!? You are getting old, coach!

What is doubly nice is seeing this played out across the country. It really tickles me to no end to see the next generation come along!

In Rochester, MN fellow tri-geek Mario Minelli's 8-year old son won the 1-9 age division in a local 2-mile race. Jace's time was an astounding 15:14 which is a 7:37 per mile pace! Like I told Mario, he has a Steve Prefontaine in the making. Note - Mario is the current course record holder for the upcoming Winter Be Gone! Duathlon on 4/26. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. I'll be seeing and racing with Mario that day. More on that race next week.

Another local tri-geek, Jeremy recently ran a 5K with his daughter, Anastasia. She ran a 30:18 and set a course record for her age group. Let me ask you all something: How many of you would actually 'throw away' a race and instead, slow down and race it with your son or daughter?? Sadly, not many would. And that's a tragedy. Kudo's to both Jeremy and Anastasia!

Farther north, Canadian tri-geek, cdnhollywood, often takes time to reconnect with his family, trains with family, and is certain that his daughter is the only 4yr old that can tune her bike!. Which is beyond my skill!

And a tad older, but still showing that triathlon is not becoming a 'old man's sport' as Mr. Chris McCormack recently stated in an interview with Triathlete magazine I wanted to give a shout-out to Adam Beston of Missoula who is just eight weeks out from the Kansas 70.3. His training schedule has been intense, he stats are killer. And I'll be watching from afar with vested interest. Adam's blog can now be found here. I'm trying to talk him into coaching me!

To everyone, please keep working with your kids. Keep it fun. And most importantly, if it comes down to fitting in that long brick versus taking time to do something with your son or daughter...the choice should be very clear and very simple to make.

Gotta run, someone wants to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still.


cdnhollywood said...

Nice to see that someone's reading my blog!

But remember, for as nice as it is to have my daughter tune her own bike, it really becomes special when she can tune MY bike!


Vagabond said...

Cool post!! I don't have any kids, but it made me think.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Very cool that you are sharing that with your son. My oldest boys are going to be doing swim lessons this summer...

...after soccer season ends, that is. ;-)

Adam Beston said...

Nice work with the kids and thanks for the shout out. I ran a 7:10 mile on the track in 3rd grade and then ran cross in 5th grade and then quit until back a few years ago. Good to see someone making it a lifestyle as opposed to just an activity. Those kids at the pool ARE doing an activity and that doesn't cut it. Hopefully The Boy will help some others out too.

trimybest said...

its great to see other kids being encouraged to be healthy! when is the park rapids tri? we have family in menahga and sebeka about 25 minutes away! perhaps we could make it as well!

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Park Rapids tri is 5/16. Indoor swim, fast double loop bike (if the wind ain't blowin', and nice run finishing on their track. Link at, Enter and you'd be the immediate favorite to win.

trimybest said...

we definitely cant make it to that one! the baby is due 5/15! perhaps we can make it next year.

in other news im waiting to hear back from David on weither or not i should sign up for the winter be gone this weekend. depending on what he says i may be there!

Brian said...

It's a good solid race to open the season. Weather may not be ideal...rain for Sunday morning and low 40's in the forecast.