Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Display Idea

I came up with an idea for displaying some of my medals. I need to locate my medals from my previous triathlon history but come to think of it, I might have hocked them to buy those Speedplay pedals. Anyway, I wanted a simple way to display my recent medals without having to work hard with opening a display case and then setting the medal just so. When you are as 'old as dirt', as The Boy® believes, time is a commodity to be cherished.

So, one morning when I was staring at my tie-rack wondering whether I should wear the Mickey Mouse or the Looney Tunes tie it suddenly occurred to me a very simple system for displaying medals. Behold!

One can locate these types of tie racks just about anywhere. Again, time being of the essence and not wanting to drive all over town looking for it I opted for Amazon.

How does everyone else display their medals? Feel free to pass along other good ideas.


trimybest said...

thats a good idea. mine are hanging on a hook on the inside of the closet door and they make quite a racket everytime i open it!

Mario said...

I'll have to snap a shot of mine--I have this old 'Thinker' tropy that wears them

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I love it, that exactly what I did! I had a wooden tie rack that I wasn't using (I never wear ties) and I've been hanging all my medals on it. You're right, it's nice and simple to hang a new one.