Friday, May 1, 2009

More Miles Than You Can Shake a Stick At

I just ended up setting a new PR for total bike miles in one month since I started my 'comeback' in the fall of '06. Now, many of you put in this kind of mileage in one week. Some in two or three days! So have a care! Drum roll, please....

306.65 bike miles for the month of April! Most was cycling into hurricane force winds. Or at least it felt that way.

See you all later. Gotta run, er, I mean bike.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Wow, that's awesome! Great job with the mileage.

trimybest said...

good job! start racing raam and you can do that in one day..every day until you cross the us.
dont worry too much about the winds though. we are past the windiest month now and in another month it wont be noticeable most of the time!