Monday, May 11, 2009

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Various things I pulled from the news today that you may or may not have seen.

From the Giro d'Italia - How neat is this!?!?

Per a Mr. Armstrong via Twitter

lancearmstrong: - Italian Air Force flyover during the stage today. Was really badass in person.

Phelps back in Action - Well, sort of. Hopefully the Boy® won't see this story. It was bad enough explaining 'pot' to him.

And I leave you with the question of the day: If doing a bike/run workout is a BRICK, then doing a swim/bike/run workout is a TRICK?

On Sunday, as I was having a bachelor weekend, I did a 2850 total yds swim. 2x200 easy w/u with 30 RI, 6x200 medium with 20 sec RI; 2x400 hard with 20 sec RI; 8x25 hard on 20 RI; 5x50 hard on 10. I followed that with a 13.6 mi TT on the bike at 22.2 MPH. Hey! I'll take it as long as I can start to repeat that speed come race day. I followed that with a short run on the sore Achilles/heel because, well, I had to complete the TRICK!

Monday, I did my second TRICK on as many days. A short, easy (but surprisingly fast) 30-minute bike. Another slow, agonizing run. And then a short pool swim with the Boy® since we both have our first tri of the season this coming Saturday.

Two days. Two tricks. Maybe Phelps and I have something in common after all. No, strike that!


cdnhollywood said...

What is Phelps thinking?!? Even hockey players know not to do that! :D

Mario said...

BRICK: "Commonly, a combination workout that includes a bike and run back to back. Comedically, "Bike/Run It Can Kill" or "Bike/Run Ick". It can be any combination of triathlon sports with less than 10 minutes between sports."

They have a whole list of definitions--some are real, some are sort of funny. 10 minutes--that's a long transition.