Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nice Four Day's of Training

I worked it hard over the last four days. I had been in a funk ever since the disappointing bike at last weekends duathlon opener. I needed to get back in the groove and I needed to start by hauling a$$ on the bike. Over a four day stretch I put in 96.7 miles on the bike with a 27-mile ride on Thursday, a short time-trial on Friday, a 40-mile ride Saturday, and then a sweet time-trial on Sunday over 19-miles that saw me put in my best performance so far this year. Now, why couldn't I have done this in the duathlon a week ago?

Best of all, I was in Zone 3 for 86% of the ride. So I could have gone even harder. With two weeks before my season-opening triathlon I still have for room for improvement.

Play the Sunday Time-Trial

To top it off, I had a good four day stretch in the pool. I'm back on course where I should be for my swim. I swam a 8:18 500-yard on Saturday followed by a set of 50-yard sprints timing between 36-38 seconds. That's very good for me.

Now if I can just get back out running! The Achilles (right this time around) swelling has come down so that I should be able to go out for some short runs the next few days and see how I feel. I picked up a couple of things this week that I have been using to speed up the recovery.

Cramer Neoprene Ankle Support: I'm using this product, one on each foot, to retain heat and reduce discomfort of tendinitis while providing compression to help support and minimize swelling. I'm placing it over my compression socks.

OPTP Pro Stretch: I'm using this product to improve stretching effectiveness. It targets the Gastroc in the calf, and also the Achilles Tendon. Man, this is great for stretching both areas.

Dr Scholl's Adjustable Arch Pain Relief Orthotics: I decide to try this product after talking with a few people. Since my recurring Achilles issue is also in the heel, I've decided to give the arch control a try. Soon as I can get back out running that is.

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

It sounds like the bike performance in the race might just have been a one of those 'off days' considering how well your riding has been going since. If it was a problem with your training, I doubt you will be able to turn it around that fast.