Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday Gallimaufry

Gallimaufry [gal-uh-maw-free] - A hodgepodge or jumble

There. You have a new word for the day.

We had great weather for the three-day holiday weekend. I got in 95.74 miles on the bike and 3500 yards in the pool. Don't ask about the run.

Even the Boy® got into the act, biking nine miles on Monday.

A good weekend to enjoy food as well. From burgers to chicken kabobs to corn on the cob with some suds on the side. Good stuff. Though I burnt the crust on my apple pie. Still can't figure out what happened there.

My appointment to start diving into what is going on with my Achilles is this coming Thursday (5/29) with Kayvon S. Riggi, M.D., a graduate of Mayo Medical School. He was voted a top orthopedic surgeon by his peers in Mpls/St. Paul magazine (2006 & 2007). I hope it doesn't come to surgery. And I don't think it will. More later this week.

Worked in the garden laying down some mulch and moving dirt. It usually takes us a few weeks to complete mulching. Typically we'll go through 80 to 100 bags of mulch. We used to get a pile for free...even the city but they don't provide that service any longer. And the mulch was of low quality and I always expected to find severed body parts.

The new Star Trek film is a fine piece of motion picture production. I knew I'd love it within the first ten minutes. Good stuff. Go see it.

I invite you to visit a blog that I came across this weekend as I was posting on The blog is put together by John Post, MD. He is the Medical Director of Training Bible Coaching and we got into a on-line discussion on various topics from stress fractures to my current Achilles issue. He knows his stuff. I recommend the blog and invite you to check it out.

Congrats to the duathletes that went nuts at the Apple Duathlon this past weekend. Who say's the Midwest is not competitive!?!? Look at the top four finishers....all went sub 5's per mile in the opening 5K. DKT almost goes 26 MPH for his bike split. 8 Divisional records fall, 5 by Minnesotans....DKT bagged 50th career win.....Todd Firebaugh, 45-49 AG (my AG), puts up another incredible time. Man. I should have gone just to watch this. From the people I've spoken to, that opening 5K was totally insane. (Mario...congrats! What about that opening 5K pace??)

Peace out!

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