Saturday, April 25, 2009

Updated Noon Saturday: Raw With a Chance of Rooster Tails

We had some beautiful weather here in The Tundra this week. Sunny skies and temps in the mid-80s. Yep, it was great. Just in time for Sunday's race at 9 am in Oronco, MN comes this latest forecast.


Sprinkle in expected winds gusting to 20 mph and you have a raw, brutal opening for my season. The bikes will be producing some massive rooster tails so I expect to be drenched front and back by the time I make it to T2. Hopefully the road conditions aren't as wet as predicted.

Until Sunday!

Update: It just keeps getting better and better. Bike helmet may be a necessity for other than cycling safety as there is now a chance for hail! Stil looks like temp at the gun will be around 45-degrees with 70% chance of rain.


bwheat said...

Do you have a wetsuit? It could come in handy.

Vagabond said...

Good luck tomorrow Brian!!