Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trail Run Courtesy Garmin

Did my first trail run with my Garmin 405 on Wednesday evening. The weather wasn't bad as the horrible winds we've had the last three days finally died down. Wind bothers me much more on the bike, of course, but still on a run you don't want to fight it either! The temp was 52 when I headed out so I only had to wear two layers! Those who live in The Tundra know of what I speak!

Below is the map of my trail run. We live very close to French Regional Park and it's wonderful for the lighted wooded trails they have. Ton's of them. The dogs love to be walked there, The Boy® loves to roll down the grassy hills, my wife looks at wildflowers....and I get to run there and recall my glory days on the cross-country team!

Anyway, the mapping feature is pretty cool. I just need to figure out how to show a elevation change map as well. There are some good climbs in the park! The Garmin, if it is to be trusted, showed a 13.9% maximum grade for this run.

The Achilles issues seem to be dying down a bit. Still not 100% or anywhere near it. And now there are some low-grade shin splints as well. That's another reason I wanted to run on grass and dirt. Every spring when I first start to run outside, shin splints seem to occur. Can't figure that one out. Not like I don't run outside during the winter or on the tread-mill. But like clock-work: spring = shin splints.


Borsch said...

Hmmm...the shin splints thing is interested! Maybe just because more runs are treadmill runs during the winter. The dreadmill does cushion some. Just a thought!


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I love running trails. I enjoy the adventure of running on something other than a sidewalk.

I'm with Borsch, I love my 305.

Vagabond said...

That worked out pretty slick. I use I have used it for a couple of years and works for me. I live right next to Theo Wirth, so I am ripping around these trails pretty much every day.