Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Shorts

Busy couple of days for us. The Boy® celebrated his ninth birthday Friday. Early onwe got the call that my in-laws had decided to forge two swollen rivers and make the trip from NoDak to help celebrate. So, I bowed out of work in order to quickly get the house in order, get supplies, and pick up things ranging from dog toys to soccer balls strewn around. I also got the patio stuff out. Very nice to see that in use again!

On Friday I also found time to swim 2100 yds and go for a 90-minute bike out to Baker via the Luce Line trail. The trails were full of people who hadn't left their houses in five months so I got to play Evel Knievel dodge-em and my voice became hoarse from yelling, "ON YOUR LEFT" before realizing the idiot had head-phones on. Sigh.

There was some good elevation on this least for Minnesota. See below, click on thumbnail for larger view.

This was on my Cannondale Bad Boy (pictured below). It's considered an urban bike. I have the Ultra edition which means it has disc brakes....which is pretty cool. It's fast for a upright bike but I can't wait to take the bad-ass TT bike out on Sunday (last seen during my Retul fit) and see how much work I have to do before the first du of the season on 4/26 (my 48th BD). I hope to be near a 22 mph average for the race. Sunday will tell me how close I am.

Today after my massage I hope to go for my longest run yet (distance TBD) since coming back from Achilles injury and squeeze in a bike before heading off to The Boy®'s official BD party. We're heading to a cooking school where the boys get to make their own pizzas. Sounds great.

Kudo's to former Texas training partner Tim Carroll. You will remember Tim from my Blast from the Past blog entry and podcast from March 22. Tim recently competed in 'dansby's duo Run-Bike-Run Duathlon' in Bryan, Texas. He finished 2nd overall in the men's 50-59 age group. Good stuff! I just hope to be competing when I graduate to the 50-54 bracket! The way my running is deteriorating, I'm not so sure!

Tim is partaking in a 8k-74k-8k du next Sunday. Good luck Tim!

And thanks to Tim, I just signed up for the Texas region "Runner & Triathlete News". Lot's of fun looking at race results and upcoming races. Started me thinking I should sneak out for a boy's vacation in the Texas area sometime in October or November and get in a nice race before the, gulp, snow starts to fly again.

Quote of the week comes from one of my direct reports (thanks DeAnna): My Karma just ran over your Dogma.

Have a great Easter weekend! May the weather be great wherever you are.


Borsch said...

Have a happy easter!

And did I see 4/26? Is that Winter Be Gone? I'll be there!

bwheat said...

Thanks for the shout out. I'm not worthy. Hopefully there won't be much wind in San Angelo next Sun. but that's like hoping there isn't much water in the ocean.