Friday, April 17, 2009

I Love Warm Weather

The scenery is not as pleasant as Arizona. The people have shedded clothing and are so white that no lens can prevent blinding my eyes. And there is always a chance for more snow. But today, the temperature rose to a sweet 72 degrees and I took advantage of it.

First thing I did was load up the Cervélo and head out to the country where I could blow out the to speak.

19.26 miles
55:40 / 20.8 mph

Then I came back home, put on the LunaRacers and went out for a very warm run. Can you say 'cotton mouth'? I was dry as a bone. I would have worked it harder but I was overheating like an Edsel on Route 66.

3.42 miles
24:50 / 7:15 pace

Overall it was just fun to feel hot and sweaty while also having loose muscles without having to stretch and stretch and stretch. I do need to recalibrate the Cervélo's computer, though. I thought I was absolutely flying as per the bike computer I went 21.18 miles and averaged 22.4 mph. This was not consistent with the Garmin (values show above).

After I got back home I went into the settings and I'm guessing the bike shop set the cycle computer for a 700cc wheel when mine is a 650cc wheel. So, I think I fixed it via a rolling test to determine the circumference for my Continental Competition 650cx22 tubular tire. I mean, you have to trust the Garmin, right?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Adam Beston said...

That cotton mouth happened the other night at track. If my wife had not picked me up I would have had a hard time making it back home. Just remember that us northern lati triathletes have an advantage bc of that forced break. Just dont think that bc it is nice right now we can ride as nice.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

If you really want hot and sweaty, you should come back out to Arizona. It's supposed to be 101 on Tuesday. Uhggg!