Sunday, April 26, 2009

Update Two (7:00 am) - April 26: Race Day, Winter Be Gone! Duathlon

Time to go to war......

5:30 Update

42-degrees. With 15 mph wind it feels like 35. The wind is stiff and steady out of the east. So far, it is fairly dry although it has rained some. There is now a Flash Flood warning for the area starting this afternoon. I can see green on the radar about an hour away but it seems to be straying south of here.

Time to fuel.

7:00 Update

Couple of Middle-Aged Man secrets.

For my problem Achilles and calf's I have been using Salonpas patches which are imported from Japan and readily available at chain pharmacies (and Costco!) nationwide. They contain 6.3% methyl salicylate for inflammation along with menthol & camphor (think Icy Hot). I slap several on the problem areas.....

...then slap compression socks over them. I'm good for six hours.

Since today is going to be raw....currently 42, but with wind gusting from 15-21 mph it feels like 35...I'll be using both hand and toe warmers inside my gloves/socks. This should help keep me feet and hands from going completely numb. Especially the feet as they'll be wet as well and no amount of layers will help.

That's it for now. Time to load up and head to the transition area. Further updates via Twitter (see Twitter box on the right hand nav bar).

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Adam Beston said...

Good luck, here in Montana we have a saying for these days. "There is no such thing as bad weather, only soft people." (Hence why we are leaving). Hope you figure out a warmup bc that part is hard in these conditions. At least it is a Du and you know its early in the season. Go Fast!