Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back To Reality

Our recent vacation in Arizona was one of the most relaxing, unrushed, and pleasant vacations we've had. I'm going to miss it!

While there, I bought some nice personal things such as Minnesota moccasins (imagine going to Arizona to buy those!) which are great for being a bum, lounging and driving. And some new copper jewelry...the authentic Navajo stuff. Not the stuff from Japan.

When I got back to Minnesota I made one last vacation purchase: A Garmin 405. I was not necessarily looking to purchase it but after looking at the reports and very clean summaries of a friends, I was convinced to make the purchase.

It took me a few hours to learn the intricacies, the nuances, and that was after I programmed my VCR. OK, bad joke but the set-up was a bit daunting and I don't daunt very easily from technology. Fast forward and I have the basics down and have saved a few workouts.

I have opted, so far, to ignore the uploads to the Garmin site and instead am using SportsTracks, touted to be the best GPS-enabled exercise logbook software in the world. It's pretty cool. I can list everything by day from weight to resting pulse to the mood I'm in. It syncs with my 405 and I can upload into either running or cycling categories and further define as trail, speed, race, etc. I can list the equipment used which I really like as I switch between two bikes and two pairs of shoes. Now I can track the mileage for them and know when it's time to update the running shoes, for example.

Here's an early look at an activity for my Sunday cycling (click for larger view).

This was a test of the watch for cycling and it turned out pretty fair although there is a discrepancy between what was captured as max speed between SportsTracks and the Garmin site. Nothing major.

I also like the reports feature. It even divides my HR into five Zones. Here is a example (click for larger view).

Yeah, that time off in Arizona kinda killed me. Ninety-five percent of my ride was spent in Zone's 3 & 4. Ooops!

The other thing of note for this blog entry is after three weeks off from running due to the left Achilles tendinitis, I seem to be back in the saddle. Probably at 80% right now but I can run jog now. It's like I've been off for a friggin' year. My two runs jogs this weekend were just under 3 miles each and at 8:10 pace. Pretty ugly. But at least I'm on foot again.

If you are a Garmin user and have tips and such please help out an old guy and leave a comment with your tip. I'd appreciate it. Yeah, and the bezel sucks. I've finally learned to adjust the pressure as well as lock it out. That seems to be helping.

New Orleans 70.3 Shout-Outs

I had three four buddies compete in the New Orleans 70.3 today. First, I greatly admire anyone doing a half IronMan. It's a major feat. And one I hope to do some day. So, my sincerest congratulations to these three people.

Bill Nevala: Bill is a local triathlon race director. I don't know how he finds the time to do it all.

Patrick Allen: You've heard Pat on this very blog in podcast four. Patrick set a PR today for a over an hour!

Steve Stenzel: Steve is a local who also is crazy enough to do this blog stuff.

Nate Pearson: Nate, along with myself, is one of the admins of the Tri-Talk Forums. Nate really excelled today beating his long-time friend and arch-nemesis. He had a ball-buster of a bike leg.

Way to go you guys! My heartiest of congratulations!

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trimybest said...

good luck learning the garmin. ive had mine for a month and am still learning! the bezel changing doesnt bother me since it only changes screens it doesnt stop or pause your workout data. if you get the face wet with rain or sweat it can also turn on the light! Sometimes I have to unplug the ant and plug it in again to transfer. have fun with it!