Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wet Wild and Wacky

First (out of five) in 45-49 age group. Soaking wet. Detail later. Did I mention soaking wet?


bwheat said...

CONGRATS GOOD JOB!! Makes getting older all the sweeter. Did you get a nice center piece for your cake?Looks just as cold and wet and nasty as predicted. Did the race director postpone the start any? From the looks of things it wouldn't have mattered a whole lot. Did you have decent roads or was it Paris-Roubaixish?

Borsch said...

Great job today! I think we can all label ourselves hard core today!

trimybest said...

nice to finally meet you in person! glad you decided to stick out the race. my garmin said the first run was right at 2.25 miles.