Friday, February 27, 2009

Two Punks Gunning for Me

Just when I achieve King of the Mountain triathlon status in the neighborhood along come two punks trying to take down The Man. And one is my very own son. Time to start working harder. I won't be able to stay ahead of 'em much longer.

Neighbor Sam took home the top honors followed by the Boy® in second. This was the second grade track & field day in spring 2008. They were competing in the 300-yd dash.

Coming: My official bike fit at Gear West Triathlon. Here's the current set-up. What will change, I wonder?


MHarks said...

Hey man, had that been a 5k, your boy woulda kicked some serious rear, I think someone's got an endurance athlete legacy being filled. Thats awesome man. I bet your seat gets raised or your bars get lowered, idk your flexibility or dimensions, but my seat is above my bars probably 4 inches, but then again I'm just now about to break the teens

Anonymous said...

you have nothing to worry about. Gear West has Retul, the best bike fitting technology on the globe. SUper knowledgeable staff that knows how to use it. 150% worth every penny. I have never felt better on the bike. I imagine this is what 'dope' feels like.


Borsch said...

Have a great bike fit. do you not slide right off your seat?