Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick Hit: More on Armstrong

On Tuesday I wrote about the unfortunate event in which Lance Armstrong's custom time-trial bike was stolen from the Team Astana truck during the night before Stage 1of the Tour of California. This was after Saturday's prologue of the TOC, in which Armstrong finshed 10th overall covering the 3.9km course in 04:37.17 which equates to 31.19 MPH on the bike. Not bad for an old fuddy duddy like moi.

One of the last photos of the stolen bike in action. Click on photo for larger view

So, how does he do it? Well, the legs. The quads are most certainly dynamic. But the calves aren't looking to shabby.

Calves that would make Schwarzenegger Proud. Click on photo for larger view

It's been cold and rainy for the TOC so far. And with all aging athletes, the weather has not been friendly to Lance. Here's a taste of his recent Twitters:

lancearmstrong Random thought: The Tour of California should be in late April. Better weather, can get into the sierras, final tour of italy tune up, etc.
6:39 PM Feb 16th from TwitterBerry

lancearmstrong Hitting the sack early tonight. 2 days in the pouring rain has worn my old @$$ out. Good night to you all.
about 22 hours ago from TwitterBerry

lancearmstrong Getting moving here in san jose. 10 hrs of sleep! Guess what? It's raining out... Days like this it's better to have the lead/yellow jersey.
about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry

lancearmstrong Done with stage 3. Another wet/nasty one. Made it home (to the finish) in one piece after some sketchy circuits. Btw, sierra road is steep!
about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Sometime yet this week, I will write up a blog entry on aging triathletes and diminishing skills. Of course, the savviness that comes with old age can also make up for those diminishing skills. In any event, it should be an interesting read. Until then, happy training!

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