Monday, February 16, 2009

Finding USAT Sanctioned Races in Minnesota

Those who are USAT (USA Triathlon) members often schedule their races on order to qualify be included in the annual rankings. You must have competed in a minimum of three USAT sanctioned triathlons or USAT sanctioned two duathlons in order to qualify. If you live in California, Arizona, or Texas you will have achieved this by, oh say, May. If you live in Minnesota, it can be more of a struggle.

To wit, let's take a look at the Minnesota USAT sanctioned duathlon schedule for 2009. Again, all you have to do is compete in two USAT sanctioned duathlons and you will receive a 2009 ranking from USAT.

  1. 4/26/2009 2nd Annual Winter Begone! Duathlon in Oronoco, MN
  2. 9/27/2009 AFLAC Iron Girl Bloomington Duathlon in Bloomington, MN
So, I compete in the race on 4/26...then have a sex change operation to meet my required minimum! Not!

Luckily, I inquired with race director Bill Nevala on the possible status for the Treadman Duathlon. Would it be USAT sanctioned? I heard back from Bill just a few hours after e-mailing him.

Hi Brian,

Yes, the Treadman will be USAT Sanctioned. All of our events this year are USAT Sanctioned. I am finalizing the course and venue for 2009 on the Treadman. The event is going to be a little different this year, much bigger than in past years.


Bill Nevala
CEO, WIN MultiSport Events, LLC
USAT Certified Race Director & Official
Great! So, for you Minnesota USAT duathletes just sign up and compete in the following two du's....and you'll be ranked for USAT for 2009.

  1. 4/26/2009 2nd Annual Winter Begone! Duathlon Oronoco, MN
  2. 9/5/2009 Treadman Duathlon

For USAT sanctioned triathlons, the task of competing in three events is not so daunting. Here's the list of USAT sanctioned tri's to date:

  1. 5/16/2009 25th Annual TRF MeritCare Triathlon Thief River Falls, MN - I'm signed up for the Lakes to Pines Tri in Park Rapids
  2. 6/13/2009 Liberty Triathlon Maple Plain, MN - I'm signed up (6/14) for the Bismarck Triathlon
  3. 6/14/2009 Trinona Winona, MN - I'm signed up for the Bismarck Triathlon
  4. 6/28/2009 2nd Annual Rochesterfest Triathlon Rochester, MN - Doing Lake Waconia
  5. 6/28/2009 Lake Waconia Triathlon Waconia, MN - This will be my first USAT sanctioned 2009 event
  6. 7/4/2009 MinneMan Sprint 2009 Oak Grove, MN - This will be my second USAT sanctioned 2009 event
  7. 7/11/2009 Life Time Fitness Triathlon Minneapolis, MN - $140 when I can do another USAT for $70 or less!?!
  8. 7/11/2009 Timberman Tri 2009 Grand Rapids, MN - REGISTRATION IS CLOSED AS OF 1/14/2009
  9. 8/2/2009 2009 Waseca Triathlon Waseca, MN - This will be my third USAT sanctioned 2009 event. Plus, this is an interesting 1/3 IM concept: Swim 1 mile, Bike 34 miles, Run 9 miles

So, between personal events, conflict with other events (that are really great and why I go back despite not being USAT sanctioned) is possible to find three races from which you can acheive a USAT triathlon ranking. But it ain't easy.

If you're planning to participate in other triathlons throughout the summer you may want check how many of them are USAT sanctioned. A one day USAT membership is $10, while an Annual USAT Membership is $39. Depending on how many USAT Triathlons you enter, it may be more economical to purchase the USAT Annual Membership.

If you reside in Minnesota, please encourage your race directors to consider making their events USAT sanctioned. The more we have to choose from, the easier it will be for all of us to make the minimum race requirements. And the more times we can race beyond the minimum, the easier it is to 'throw out' that one race where you might have "Blow'd up good, blow'd up real good!"

If you know of any other USAT sanctioned events for the Minnesota region, leave a comment below!