Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Windtrainer Workout

You have basically four choices in the Tundra to keep in cycling shape during the eleven months of winter:

1) Move south until the snow melts. Not very likely unless you are retired....or Bill Gates.
2) Wake up at some ungodly hour each morning to go to some indoor spin class where you are at the mercy of a drill Sergeant who seems to think Guns 'n Roses blaring at 130 decibels at 5:30 AM is a great idea.
3) Bike outside. You are usually found frozen next to a stop sign.
4) Get a wind trainer and stare at four walls all winter long.

Of course, with those limited options I have gone with #4. This means I try to break up the boredom by listening to tunes or watching the telly. Typically, I don't even know what type of cycling work-out, or length, I will opt for until the night before. Sometimes not even until I get on the bike and see how I feel. Usually, I just make shit up. Such as this workout I did on Monday (12/28).

10:00 Easy pedaling
12:00 3x (1:00 right leg, 1:00 both legs, 1:00 left leg, 1:00 both legs)

Main Set
3 x 5:00 Pedal smoothly at 95-110 RPM (3:00 RI)
3 x 2:00 Pedal smoothly at 95 - 110 RPM (3:00 RI). This should be at a tougher cog (smaller rear) than the previous set.

5:00 Cool down

And now joining me in my workouts is the Boy®. When I did my 90-min ride this past Sunday, he joined me for 50-mins. He had fun, he stayed with it doing some interval work of his own. In no way am I pushing him. He'll ride when he wants to ride and we'll keep it fun. No sense burning him out when he's just nine! Here is our set-up as below:

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