Monday, December 14, 2009

Seventh in a Series: Running Rules to Live By - Learn & Love the Farmer's Blow

Based loosely on a book by Mark Remy called The Runner's Rule Book as well as a Runner's World article from the January 2010 issue over the next week or so I will be posting a few running rules to live by.

I hope you enjoy the series.

Rule Seven: Learn & Love the Farmer's Blow

Mastering the farmer's blow (or snot rocket) is a must for any runner (or cyclist!). Here's how to do it right: Breathe in through your mouth, like you are gasping. Lay a forefinger against one nostril and compress firmly. Purse your lips. Cock your head slightly in the direction of the open nostril and exhale forcefully through your nose. Repeat with opposite nostril, if needed.

Note - It's best to quickluy glance behind you to make sure you aren't about to spray a fellow runner. Otherwise you may be running blind due to the atomic wedgie that will ensue.

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