Friday, December 11, 2009

Fourth of a Series: Running Rules to Live By - Run Like a Dog

Based loosely on a book by Mark Remy called The Runner's Rule Book as well as a Runner's World article from the January 2010 issue over the next week or so I will be posting a few running rules to live by.

I hope you enjoy the series.

Rule Four: Run Like a Dog

My dogs, both whippets, don't care where we are or what time of day it is, or even what the weather is like. They don't know what their resting heart rate is and rarely bother to wear a watch. They just love to run. And every time they do, their faces and body telegraph one simple message: This. Is. AWESOME. I'm runningrunningrunningrunning!

The "Run Like a Dog" workout (including warmups and cooldown) - Walk 8 seconds. Trot 4 seconds. Stop. Sniff. Sprint 7 seconds. Squirrel! Freeze. Walk 5 seconds in any direction but forward. Stare 9 seconds. Lunge at rabbit (mine actually kill them and drop them at the feet of the Well Kept Wife). Double back, walk 3 seconds. Urinate. Repeat six times. Collapse on rug.

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Bill said...

That workout reminds me of a cartoon I used to hang on my desk at work years ago titled "The Thought Process of a Puppy". Basically, it was "what's that, what's that, what's that, what's that, oh, I gotta pee, what's that, what's that".