Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eighth in a Series: Running Rules to Live By - "Lookin'g Good!" ...and Other Runner's Lies

Based loosely on a book by Mark Remy called The Runner's Rule Book as well as a Runner's World article from the January 2010 issue over the next week or so I will be posting a few running rules to live by.

I hope you enjoy the series.

Rule Eight: "Lookin' Good!" ...and Other Runner's Lies

Lying is not something I would normally endorse. But is is perfectly acceptable to tell a runner that he is looking good at mile 19 of a marathon when, in fact, he looks like an insomniac who is trying to sneeze, and is confused because someone has switched his running shoes with replicas made of concrete.

The go-to lie is "Lookin' good!" Or you could say, "If I weren't so awed by the apparent ease with which you are navigating this course, I might be angry with you for nearly knocking me unconscious with your very awesomeness!" The key is to say something. Even a zombie appreciates encouragement.

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