Saturday, December 26, 2009

Add the Nun Run (Glendale, AZ) to my 2010 Calendar

Joining the Park Rapids Lakes to Pines triathlon and the Fargo Half-Marathon on my locked-and-loaded 2010 race calendar is the Nun Run in....drum-roll please....Glendale, Arizona.

We will be returning to Arizona for the third time in four years. I refer to Arizona as my future home as I fully expect to retire there. Best laid plans and all that.

This time I will be getting in a running event in which I can shed the layers, the extra pair of socks, the gloves, etc. I can run in shorts if I want to and proudly show off all that winter fat. I hope to see some of my former high school chums pick up the challenge as well and participate with me.

There is a 10km Run, 5km Run, 5km Walk & Shadow Run. I'll be doing the 10K to gauge my fitness and how much improvement I will have to make before the Fargo half. But what of the 'Shadow Run'? What's that? I'm glad you asked, as I think it is a fantastic idea. Especially for those T-shirt hunters.

Don't live in Arizona? Maybe you don't even live in the U.S. You can participate in the Nun Run, wherever you are! Just register as normal, check the shadow participant box and they will mail you a Nun Run t-shirt! Just complete a 5km or 10km in your home town on March 20 and send them your time to be posted on the results page.

Pretty darn cool.

The place we'll call home for 7 nights. Note the lap pool that will be frequented twice daily. This will be followed by a cool-down in the Lazy River whilst being tormented by the Boy®.

A short run away is this track which I intend to get in some speed workouts. Speed defined as moving quickly without being bogged down by winter layers.

The 'hard work' will not stop once the sun goes down. A rigorous multi-endurance test will await containing killer mini-golf and experiencing a mind-blowing 8 G's on the speediest go-karts on the planet to attune my relaxes and hand-eye coordination.

The locale of the 10K run. Thanks Google Earth.

Two other events are about to make the list as well. I just need to work out logistics and make sure I'll be adequately in.....well....shape. As I do every year, I try to race in a locale I have not yet participated in. I also like to try something brand spankin' new. Two such events may fit this bill.

My first duathlon of the season may be the Dewey Kvidt Memorial Duathlon in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It is a 3 mile run - 15 mile bike - 3 mile run. I've raced in Grand Forks before. Just not this event and I've been eyeballing it for a couple of years now. It has been much earlier in the year, and typically experienced bad weather. It's been moved to Saturday, June 5, 2010 this year.

The other event is the XTERRA Pipestem Creek Off Road Triathlon in Jamestown, North Dakota. Jamestown is significant as that is where I was born in 1961, grew up and finally left home in 1984. It is where my XC brethren and I won back-to-back state XC titles in '77 and '78. It is where I once ran 119 miles in one week. It is my running epicenter.

This would be my first off road triathlon. Held at the US Corps of Engineers Pipestem Dam and Lake Project, the race features a 1000 meter swim with a short exit at the halfway point, a 13 mile mountain bike on a lap and a half of the Pipestem Trail, and a 5 mile run incorporating most of the North Ridge Trail.

Bonus Round - Some Xmas Video

The Gingerbread House

Sled Dogs Head Out

Xmas Eve 2009

Snowpocalypse? Snownami? Stormageddon? XMAS Day 2009

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Matthew said...

If you are around Grand Forks this winter, check out the Bikecicle icebike race on February 13th. It should be a good time.