Sunday, December 27, 2009

iPhone App of the Month: WalkJogRun Routes

Hey, I'm just a poor man trying to get by. But there are those fortunate enough to have fancy toys like a iPhone. Me? My cell looks like this.

But, I'm hip. I'm cool. So for those iPhone-freak-a-zoids I bring you the iPhone App of the Month to the Tundra Transition Zone.

This month is the WalkJogRun Routes app ($0.99). If you are one that travels frequently or just someone that likes to explore new routes in your area, then the WalkJogRun Routesapp is just for you. It is dedicated to finding exercise routes nearest to you based on your geo-location. All routes are housed on the route mapping site, and signing up for a free membership to the site allows you to create routes as well as view public and private routes in one convenient place.

App features include: finding routes in over 6.9 million cities, viewing the details of your route including total distance, creator and creation date of the route, setting your pace to see total time for each route, and choosing between miles or kilometers. It is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod Touch and is available at the iTunes store.

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