Saturday, July 3, 2010

Race Result: MinneMan Triathlon

Event: MinneMan Triathlon
Date: Saturday, July 3
Location: Oak Grove, Minnesota
Results: Results

Personal results

Goal: 01:09:01
Last Year: 01:17:07
Actual: 1:05:43
Overall: 41st (414 total); top 9.9%
Overall Male Age Group (45-49): 5th (27 total); top 18.5%

The Recap

Getting up at 4 AM on a holiday weekend is not really my cup of tea. But I did get up and made it out to the race in plenty of time. I was setup and ready to go with a good hour before start.

It was windy, with winds sustained at 15-18 MPH. Actually, the lake seemed fairly calm and then if like magic, right before the event started the dreaded frothy white caps appeared. Here's how it looked well before the wind started to pick up.

Really not that bad. And the wind wasn't that bad on the bike either. Yeah, at times it was hold on dearly to the handlebars as the rear disc was getting a full taste of a sudden gust, but I never reached "Cuss like a mad Irishman" stage. It was getting hot and steamy by the time I hit the run, but I did not require any fluids.

In all, a very nice tuneup event. It felt easy at times which makes me think I was not pushing hard enough, even though the gasping for air would have me think otherwise.

My age group (45-49), was quite simply loaded. A number of the 45-49 big dogs from the area showed up for this one. I thought if I had a good performance I could crack the top 5, which I was able to do. This should help my USAT ranking at the end of the year. I congratulate those you finished ahead of me. Solid, solid times.

I talked with Charlie Roach afterwards. Charlie is one of those amazing people that seems to stay fast despite being 53. Charlie was a week removed from doing the Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon in Lubbock, Texas where he finished 7th overall out of 52 entrants in the 50-54 AG with a 5:03:56 posting. Then he returns to post a 1:00.43 at MinneMan to win the 50-54 AG.

He and I had meet at the Minneapolis Duathlon last year when I won the 45-49 and he the 50-54. I asked Charlie if he wouldn't mind slowing down a bit next season when I join his age group. He just chuckled and said the 50-54 has become very competitive. I'm not happy. I graduate to another age group in 2011 and have to deal with the likes of Charlie. Yippee.

Let's get into the race segments.

Swim - 0.3 miles
Goal - 09:14
Last year - 12:53
Time - 5:52 (1:07 per 100 yds)
Overall Rank - 48th (414 total)
AG (45-49) Rank - 4th (27 total)

OK, you might think "Wow, Brian! You had an awesome swim. Seven minutes better than last year!'. Um, stop right there. It was a shorter course than last year. It certainly was not 0.3 miles. And you could walk half-way to the turn-around buoy if you had chosen to do so.

Honestly, the first 60 or so yards were just running through the water. By the time I started my first swim stroke I was cooked just from running! And there were people still running as I swam by them.

I'm not even sure a wet suit was needed as you were in the water for such a short time. However, my time would not have been as fast.

Goal - 2:35
Last year - 2:37
Time - 2:31

Before you start chiding me about my T1 time, realize it really is a long stretch to reach the bike corral. I actually had a very good transition. My upper wet suit was off before I even left the water and had stripped my bottom wet suit (recall the Desoto Water Rover is a two piece suit) to my waist as I hit the beach. No time wasted or lost in transition due to any mistakes. Pretty happy here.

Bike - 13 miles
Goal - 35:27 (22.0 MPH).
Last Year - 37:04 (21.0 MPH)
Actual - 35:11 (22.2 MPH)
Overall Rank - 44th (414 total)
AG (45-49) Rank - 5th (27 total)

I really am happy with this reult at the same time knowing I have some work to do. The Real Job has been stealing a lot of hours from my training. I know I need to be over 23 MPH to be in consideration for 'respectable'. And I hope to yet get there this year.

I did not like the course last year, but felt more comfortable this year. There still are two areas I do not like. One is near the end when you are riding through surburban streets. You are literally riding through a neighborhood. It just does not seem like road racing. The second is at the end when you are on a narrow walking path for a good 1/2 to 1 mile. You lose so much speed there as you twist and turn on the path.

I got passed three times but ended up passing two of those back. I felt in control the whole way. Didn't really tighten up at all.

Goal - 1:30
Last year - 1:55
Time - 1:24

Went smooth. Nothing of note here.

Run - 3 miles
Goal - 20:15 (6:45 per mile pace)
Last Year - 22:40 (7:34 per mile)
Time - 20:47 (6:56 per mile)
Overall Rank - 30th (414 total)
AG (45-49) Rank - 2nd (27 total)

Hmm. I'm not sure about the accuracy of the course. I was moving pretty good despite the lingering injury. I went by the first mile at 5:55. So, either the first mile marker was way off. Or the run course is longer than advertised. Or I slowed way down. Or a little of all three. Either way, I do believe I was faster than 6:55 per mile pace. But we all ran the same course so ultimately it does not matter.

I was happy to get through this run without more harm to the calf/Achilles debacle currently taking place in the left lower leg. I'm not sure how the next few days will feel. I think I probably will take two or three days off from running to make sure I don't create more inflammation.

Weekend Shout Outs!!!!

Shout out to Don Schmeichel racing with the big dogs (Elite) and his finish at MinneMan. Always good to see Don and his parents. Don sells Wilier bikes, which are stunning. Truly gorgeous.

Shout out to Chris Hawes for his great finish at MinneMan. Chris is one of the vital Gear West product test team members. Read his blog for great reviews on triathlon equipment. Finally nice to meet you Chris.

Next Event: The big one for my 2010 season. Cornman Sprint Triathlon in Gladbrook, Iowa. Cornman is the Midwest Special Qualifier which qualifies the top 33% per age group for the USAT Age Group National Championship in Tuscaloosa, AL on September 25, 2010. If I'm not puking after I finish, I did not do my job.

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Christopher Hawes said...

Great job today Brian. It was great to meet you also. Thanks for another shout out. I am shooting for that elusive 23+MPH average also. Hope we both can get to it this year. It amazes me how fast 40-55+ AG is, something to look forward to. Good luck on your upcoming races.