Thursday, July 1, 2010

Totals: Month Ending June 2010

What is it about the month of June that creates the injury bug for me? Pushing too hard? Or is it too many races? Carrying too much weight? Not doing core work? I dunno. But here was another month like last year...albeit not as severe...that my running suffered.

I'm carrying a lot of running miles in these legs. One can't run 100-mile weeks in your youth and not expect some long-term damage later in life. I go to bed with an electric heating pad on my lower back. Invariably on any given day one of my legs is wrapped in ice or sporting those sexy compression hose.

Once upon a time I would spring out of bed, lace up the shoes, and hit the pavement. Now, it takes me 90-minutes just to feel human and move.

I hate to think that eventually I will need to give up running. That the day will come when the hips, knees, muscles and ligaments down there won't let me run any longer. Until then, I guess I need to keep plodding along.

June's highlight was the Liberty Oly, my first in 21-years. Save for some bad transitions at Bismarck and I could have had my first overall win in the same span. I did come away satisfied with each race. At the end of the month I was dealing with a lower left calf/upper Achilles injury. After resting for eight days it is much improved but still tight. Marching on.

Numbers for June, 2010. All per Garmin expect where noted.

June 2010 Total Numbers
Total Workout Hours: 31:39.51
Swim Miles - 11.48
Bike Miles - 317.79
Run Miles -  53.97 (7:56 per mile avg)

compare to last year

June 2009 Total Numbers
Swim Miles -  9.83
Bike Miles - 256.42
Run Miles - 6.80 (per Nike Plus). Achilles injury.

Last Month

May 2010 Total Numbers
Total Workout Hours: 41:09.05
Swim Miles - 11.36
Bike Miles - 344.85
Run Miles - 111.54 (8:00 per mile avg)

So my run mileage was half of what it was in May. This was partially due to my race schedule as I had signed up for one each weekend and ended up competing in three of them. And then the aforementioned leg injury which occurred at the tail end of a 4-mile workout in which I was running a negative split workout. Now I might find myself in the vicious cycle of race, rip the leg to shreds, recover with no run workouts, race and repeat. Fun.  But I'm hoping this is just simply an overuse acute injury and with a little TLC, I'll be back on my game.

Upcoming in July

July 3- MinneMan Triathlon (USAT) - 0.3 mi swim, 13 mi bike, 3 mi run.

Jul 11 - Cornman Triathlon (USAT), Gladbrook, IA - 500 meter swim, 14 mi bike, 5K run

July 17 - Dubuque Duathlon, Iowa (USAT) - Run 1.2 Miles, Bike 17 Miles, Run 3 Miles

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