Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Barefoot Running

A number of my fellow nutty triathletes have espoused the need to run barefoot. To feel the dirt between ones toes. More like feel the squishy pungent aroma of dog poop. But when I saw a story in the July issue of Runner Triathlete News, I felt compelled to share one person's take on this movement.

I wasn't about to type in the whole article, so I scanned in the pages for your enjoyment. Be sure and click on each image to view bigger or save the image on use your favorite application to read in larger view if it is difficult to see. And you bare foot hippie sure and let me know how its going out there!


bwheat said...

I read that article and found it interesting. Although, unless you have no bio-mechanical problems I don't think running barefoot would benefit you very much.

Adam Beston said...

Picked up barefoot running in college about 8 years ago. Love my vibrams when walking. That or teva's if super hot. Run on grass with them, used to run on trails when in Montana though. Using them on grass has really helped my turnover and biomechanics though so I will stick with that. Been racing well this year. I think they are good for try guys bc we have to rely on worn out muscles and tendons to run so the little ones can make the difference.