Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fantasy Cycling Challenge Results

We didn't have many people play, perhaps that was the short notice and next year we'll have tons of participants. But it was a blast regardless and we are certain to do this again next year. Here are the results of the the Tour de France Fantasy Cycling challenge.

Coming in first was Adam Beston of Utah. Adam wins a Tyr transition bag and he's already excited about it. Per Adam:

Woohoo, I usually end up biking to tri's either from home or from campsite/hotel seeing as we only have 1 car for the family so this will get the most use possible! Thanks again.
Thanks again for playing everyone. See you next year. We'll try to get the word out a bit earlier next time around.


William in Ames said...

I'm crushed. :-)

Adam Beston said...

I will commit to a small prize for best rider $25 and under bc the only reason I won was petacchi was that amount. All my american riders stunk though. Great fun and all readers should do it next year. Really makes every stage exciting.