Monday, January 4, 2010

Totals: Week Ending January 3

Not much to talk about save for mind-numbing cold temperatures for another week. I may try my hand at running indoors via the Plymouth Soccer Bubble this week. If so, I will report on that. Not a bad week previous, as I was able to put in numbers more to my liking. All in an effort to start laying down a decent base.

Total Workout Hours: 10:29.31
Swim Miles - 5.14
Bike Miles - 80.38
Run Miles - 18.41

Question of the week - Why is a 6:51 pace so important for my half-marathon goal on May 22?

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Adam Beston said...

Well, that 6:51 is only important for any one of the miles to get a 1:29:59. I would say no problem for ya but up in MN with the low running volume and possible horrendous weather it should be a good task. The last one here in Missoula was cut to 10 miles so better luck there.