Friday, January 1, 2010

Tale of the Tape for 2009 - Grand Mileage Totals

There are great many people in my life you think I workout way too much. "You are always running." Or, "I always see you at the pool". And, "I saw you leave on your bike two hours ago and you are just getting back now?"

Frankly, I beg to differ. I don't work out enough. Of course, the baseline I seem to always fall back on is twenty years ago when I was single. Did not have to worry about a massively busy and rewarding career. Had no 6 PM soccer or swim team schedule to worry about getting a youngin' to on time. Back then, it was three to five hours a day. Every day. Glorious days.

When I added up my overall mileage for 2009, frankly I'm surprised to have done as well as I did. To wit:

Number of Overall Podium Finishes - 3
Number of Age Group Podium Finishes - 10
Number of Age Group Wins - 5
Number of Fastest Overall Bike Split - 2

All on very limited mileage. Just too many early season injuries, too many times when work (real job) demands turned into twelve hour (or more!) days, and too many times when I turned off the early alarm and just said, "screw it."

Here are my totals, by discipline for 2009. I'm sure you'll be surprised to learn just how little I did work out.

Swim - 98.8 miles overall. Best month was July with 14.5 miles. Worst was January with 3.2 miles.

Bike - 2812 miles overall. Best month was July with 414.5 miles. Worst was October with 76 miles.

Run - 459 miles overall. Man, between the Achilles and a pulled ham I really suffered in this discipline. Best month was November with 75 miles. Worst was June with 10 miles.

Hopefully, 2010 will have a little more heady numbers for me to look at. Can I do 120miles of swimming? Can I approach 3500 miles on the bike. Can I get 1000 miles in on the run? Or can I do even better? We'll see.

What kinds of gaudy totals do you have for 2009? I'm sure we have some real bulldogs out there!

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Adam Beston said...

Run: 1465 (about 70% with stroller)
Bike: 1926 (low with newborn)
Swim: 9.2 (yes 311 yards a week)

Thanks for motivating me to add these up.