Thursday, January 7, 2010

Running Indoors

On Tuesday (Jan 5) I was faced with a choice of running outside where it was already dark, I knew the paths would be icy, and the temps were already south of zero F. Instead of doing that, I packed up a little running gear and headed to the Plymouth Creek Fieldhouse.

The domed fieldhouse provides refuge from the winter temps as it is inflated from November through April. The fieldhouse provides an indoor space for soccer, softball, baseball, football, lacrosse, rugby and other sports.

The field is surrounded by a walking/jogging track. For those local Plymouth runners, free indoor walking and jogging are offered during the winter. For information on hours that the fieldhouse is open for walking/jogging , please call 763-509-5292. This recorded message is updated weekly. Walking/jogging hours are dependent on other scheduled activities.

Inside, the temps are not tropical. I'm guessing somewhere in the 50's. But still better than the outside temperatures. I was able to get in a 8-mile run. Best of all, the Garmin worked. I had been worried about getting a signal under the Dome but the Garmin had no issues.

Yes, the track can be a little congested at times. The comings and goings of young boys and girls to soccer practice along with the Hen Packs (woman who have to walk three abreast while flapping their arms as they walk) make for interesting laps. But it also helps keep you alert as you try to fight the sheer boredom of dealing with 5 1/4 laps per mile.

Here's a short video of what it looks like. The blue outer strip is the track:


Map to Fieldhouse

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