Tuesday, January 19, 2010

iPhone App of the Month: More Cowbell!

This month is the More Cowbell! app. More Cowbell! is an iPhone app for the runner/triathlete and running/triathlete fan. Out supporting an athlete? Use the shake to play option to ring the bell when they pass by. Waiting for the athlete? Listen to your favorite song and launch the app to tap along with the song, but you better keep up or the record producer will demand for you to keep up.

More Cowbells! is an app that was developed by Texas duathlete Glenda Adams. It is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod Touch and is available at the iTunes store ($0.99).


MHarks said...

lol, thats an awesome app. Thanks for the foam roller idea, I have touch IT bands so I'll look into it. Any gear for hammies?

Brian said...

For hammies, stretch, stretch, stretch is all I've ever been told. Never done it, though. Hate stretching and I actually seem to do worse!