Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hamel 5K

Add the Hamel Lions 5K to my list of events this year. The event is hosted by the Hamel Lions Club and will take place on Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, at 9:45 am. You may register at the Hamel Community Center Located at 3200 Mill Street. Mill Street is a new road located between the Hamel State Bank and the Hardware Store in Hamel, MN. Look for the signs on Hamel Road directing you to the Community Center.


Entry Form. Advanced Entry Fee: $20.00. Day of the Race: $25.00

Pancake Breakfast takes place from 7:30 am - 1:00 pm. The Pancake Breakfast is included with registration along with a "Freeze Your Buns Run" long sleeve shirt. There will also be free Child Care during the event. Pets on leashes are also welcomed.

Last year the temp was at 25. It was very icy-icy-icy. The high the day previous had been 45 so there was a thaw and everything refroze the previous night. There was also a very stiff wind out of the west.

Last year I ran a 22:06. Pulled right ham at 2K mark. Had been on 6:15 pace. Limped it in. This is really a fun run event that is not officially timed. So this year, I am not going to be busting my hump but rather just work into it slow and use it simply as a speed workout to gauge my present fitness. I would hope to be under 21 minutes (6:45 per mile pace). Again, unless I feel really good the lone goal will be to get in a speed workout and come away injury free.

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bwheat said...

Bring your snow treads or maybe track spikes.